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Happy Dhanteras 2022

Dhanteras 2022, also called Dhantrayodashi (Hindi: Dhantrayodashi, Gujarati: Dhantrayodashi), is a sacred Hindu holiday that ushers in the grand festival of Diwali. It happens on the 10th of Trayodasi in the fortunate Kartik month of Krishna Paksha (the dark two weeks of the moon) according to the Hindu calendar, but according to the Gregorian calendar, it happens between the middle of October to the beginning of November. Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali, the festival of lights, people celebrate it with great enthusiasm in India.

The Hindu god of medicine, is Dhanvantari, and people honour him on this day. Dhanvantari, an Ayurvedic god and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, imparted the knowledge of Ayurveda to humanity. Dhanteras is one of the most auspicious days of the year, and many people plan to spend money on jewelry and home furnishings in the hopes of attracting luck and fortune to their residences.

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Dates and times for Dhanteras 2022

On October 23, 2022, India will celebrate Dhanteras. On Trayodashi Tithi, Diwali begins with Dhanteras, the festival of light. The festivities of Diwali begin in some states on Dwadashi Tithi with Govatsa Puja.

  1. Dhanteras Puja muhurat- 7.34 PM to 8.40 PM
  2. Duration- 1 hour 6 minutes
  3. On October 22, 2022, at 6.02 PM, Trayodashi Tithi will begin. On October 23, 2022, at 6.30 PM, it will end.

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Story of Dhanteras in 2022

On the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the Hindu calendar month of Ashwini, Dhanteras is observed. In India, Dhanvantari, is an Ayurvedic deity who bestowed Ayurvedic knowledge on humanity.

Dhanteras is said to be connected to the legend of King Hima’s 16-year-old son, whose horoscope predicted his death from a snakebite on the fourth day of his marriage, according to an old wives’ tale. His wedded bride prevented him from falling asleep that day by arranging all of the jewellery and several gold and silver coins at the door of her bedroom.

All night long, she sang and recounted stories to rouse her husband. Yama, the god of death, became blind the following day by the brightness of the decorations and lights when he knocked on the prince’s door. In the past, I enjoyed listening to stories and music. He went in silence the following morning. A young prince’s rescue from the jaws of death in exchange for a new wife. This is why we celebrate Dhanteras.

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Significance of Dhanteras

According to Hindu mythology, the day known as “Dhantra Yodashi” is lucky because it is believed that the goddess Lakshmi and the god of wealth, Lord Kubel, emerged from the sea as the milky sea was roaring. People began requesting God’s blessings for Goddess Lakshmi’s prosperous afterlife in their prayers to her and her Lord Kuva.

Buying precious metals like gold and silver during Dhanteras is lucky since it invites Goddess Lakshmi into the house. During Dhanteras people purchase a new business, a home, a car, or jewelry.

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