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Dhumavati Jayanti 2023

Dhumavati Jayanti 2023: Dhumavati Jayanti is a joyous Hindu celebration honouring the seventh of the 10 Mahavidyas, the goddess Dhumavati. On this day, Goddess Dhumavati (a manifestation of Goddess Shakti) incarnated on Earth. According to the Hindu Calendar, Dhumavati Jayanti occurs on Shukla Paksha Ashtami of the Jyeshta month. The worship of Dhumavati is perfect for single members of society, such as bachelors and widows. Her worship is obligatory for those who desire to vanquish their foes.


The Dhumavati Jayanti or ‘Dhumavati Mahavidya Jayanti’ festival commemorates the incarnation of Goddess Dhumavati, a manifestation of Shakti. It occurs on the ‘ashtami’ (eighth day) during the ‘Shukla Paksha’ (moon’s radiant fortnight) in the Hindu month of ‘Jyestha’. It corresponds to the months of May and June on the English calendar, with dates altering each year. Dhumavati Jayanti is a Hindu festival honouring the seventh of the 10 Mahavidyas in Hindu mythology, the goddess Dhumavati. She is also known as the fiercest manifestation of the goddess Durga. By honouring Maa Dhumavati on this auspicious day, devotees can be absolved of all their troubles and transgressions. Dhumavati Jayanti is commemorated with great fervour and enthusiasm across the nation.

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Rituals during Dhumavati Jayanti:

On Dhumavati Jayanti, devotees rise before sunrise and devote the day to Mata Dhumavati’s worship. The principal puja ritual should be performed in a remote location. Dhoop, incense, and flowers are used to venerate the Goddess. On this day, a special ‘Prasad’ is prepared. On this day, it is believed that offering Devi black sesame seeds wrapped in black cloth will grant one’s desires.

During the puja, special Devi mantras are recited to appease Goddess Dhumavati and seek Her benediction in order to end all of life’s tribulations. After the mantra is recited, ‘aarti’ is performed and Prasad is distributed to family members and other devotees.

On the occasion of Dhumavati Jayanti, a special procession is planned for all devotees of Goddess Dhumavati during the night.
Tantriks worship the goddess Dhumavati with complete devotion in order to acquire all material fortune.

According to custom, married women are not permitted to venerate Mata Dhumavati. They are only permitted a distant glimpse. This custom is observed for the protection of their husbands and offspring.

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Date And Time

Sunrise May 28, 2023 5:45 AM

Sunset May 28, 2023 7:02 PM

Ashtami Tithi Begins at 7:43 AM on May 27, 2023

Ashtami Tithi Concludes on May 28, 2023, at 9:57 AM

Importance of the Dhumavati Jayanti:

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Dhumavati is associated with all misfortune. It is believed that She appeared during the dissolution of the cosmos. Some Hindu scholars are adamant that Goddess Dhumavati is the void just before and after creation and annihilation. The Goddess is depicted as an ugly elderly woman seated on a chariot without horses. Occasionally, she is also depicted riding a crow. Goddess Dhumavati urges devotees, symbolically, to look beyond the superficial and strengthen their faith in the Supreme Truth, from which both beauty and deformity emanate.

Mata Dhumavati always blesses her offspring and was incarnated to rid Earth of all sinners and demons, despite the fact that her appearance is threatening and frightening. Saints Parshuram, Bhrigu, and Durvasa worshipped the goddess Dhumavati to obtain special powers even in ancient times. In certain regions, She is venerated as a protective goddess. Tantric practitioners worship the goddess Dhumavati in order to surmount all of life’s obstacles and attain their desires. She is also known as ‘Kalahpriya’ because she provides solutions to the Kalah (problems) of this planet. On the day of Dhumavati Jayanti, even a glimpse of the goddess Dhumavati is believed to bestow divine favours on the observer.