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Halloween 2022: History, origin and fun facts about spooky festival

Halloween is a traditional Celtic festival that is observed on the final day of harvest in Europe and America. It is celebrated on October 31 in both Europe and America, which is a time to consider the worthless. It is also observed to distinguish between the summer and the winter seasons.

Halloween is a traditional Celtic festival that is observed on the final day of harvest in Europe and America. Halloween has become a major celebration both in the country of India and around the industry throughout the years, when you take into account when this eerie rivalry first began, more than 2,000 years have passed.

Additionally, the day is known as All Saints’ Eve in several foreign countries. Halloween is predominantly observed by Christians and non-Christians in Western cultures as a day to memorialize saints, martyrs, and dependable believers who have passed away. They revere saints and offer prayers for souls who have already attained paradise. Halloween is sometimes referred to as “All Saints Day” and means “hallowed evening” or “holy evening.”

Immigrants to North America started using pumpkins instead of the traditional turnip for Halloween pumpkin carving since it became softer and bigger. Due to the harvest and the holiday falling on the same day of the year, the practice of carving pumpkins for Halloween began.

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What is the history of Halloween?

According to History, Samhain, a traditional Pagan celebration that celebrated the end of summer, the beginning of harvest, and the beginning of the long winter, is where Halloween’s origins may be traced.

Ancient Celts celebrated the day with bonfires and dressed up to scare away ghosts of the dead who they thought would descend to Earth on that day in what is now the UK, Ireland, and northern France.

In an effort to replace the previous Celtic celebration with a Christian one, the Roman Empire established November 1 as All Saints Day around the eleventh century as Christianity spread over Celtic territory, according to History.

The evening before All Saints Day came to be known as All-hallowmas, then All Hallows Eve, and finally Halloween.

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Halloween 2022: Fun facts about spooky festival

  1. The ancient Celts celebrated their New Year at the same time, and it was thought that on the eve before the new year, the line between the living and the dead may thin and spirits might need to travel on earth. After that, people started gazing at Halloween to connect with the dead spirits every year.
  2. Legend has it that “Jack o’lantern” derives from the Irish story of Stingy Jack, who invited the devil for a drink but didn’t pay for it.
  3. He asked the devil to transform into a coin, which he then placed next to a silver object to prevent the devil from assuming his original form.
  4. The number of illuminated Jack-o-lanterns displayed is at a record-breaking 30,581 and has been added to the Guinness World Records. By way of the New Hampshire city of Keene, it was lighted in 2013.
  5. Trick-or-treating, which occurs in conjunction with Halloween, is modeled by the historical practice of “selling,” in which children would go from door to door pleading for food and money. In exchange, they may offer prayers for the souls of the deceased.
  6. Halloween’s official colors are said to be black and orange. Orange represents the fall season while black symbolizes the long, bloodless days of the dead.