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Kali Puja

Kali Puja Wishes: A well-known Hindu festival honouring Goddess Kali is called Kali Puja. This celebration falls on the same day as the Lakshmi Puja, which is held during Diwali. Drik Panchang states that this year’s Kali Puja is observed on October 24.

When is Kali puja observed?

It is observed on the Kartik moon’s new moon day. The Gregorian calendar indicates that Kali Puja takes place every year in October or November. It is primarily observed in East Indian states like West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, the Mithila region of Bihar, and the Bangladeshi cities of Chittagong, Sylhet, and Rangpur. Due to the fact that worshippers do a holy puja at midnight, it is also known as Mahanisha Puja or Shama Puja.

Goddess Kali is thought to be immortal since her name derives from the Sanskrit word kar, which means time. To her followers, she is a kind and devoted mother who is always there to defend her children, despite the fact that she has an intimidating and violent look.

Kali Puja 2022: Date, Puja Vidhi, Tithi timing and Significance

Kali Puja: Date and time

  • The Kali Puja will take place on Monday, October 24, 2022.
  • It is time for Kali Puja Nishita from 10:42pm until 11:33pm.
  • A duration of 00 hours and 51 minutes might be recorded
  • On Oct 24, 2022, Amavasya Tithi begins at 05:27 PM
  • On October 25, 2022, Amavasya Tithi ends at 04:18 PM

Kali Puja: History

Goddess Kali fights for and exterminates all demons. She is also known by the names Shama, Chamunda, Adhya Maa, Shama Kali, and Tara Maa.

During Navaratri, Kali is worshipped on a significant day. According to the Hindu (Panchan) calendar, Diwali Kali Puja, Shama Puja, or Tantric Kali Puja occurs on the Diwali day in the Kartik month of October or November. This celebration is well-known in the northeast, particularly in West Bengal.

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Quotes and Wishes for Kali Puja

  1. Maa Kali represents power and the triumph of good over evil. May she grant your family and you great strength. Cheers to Kali Puja!
  2. On this auspicious day, Ma Kali sends you blessings of prosperity and success. KALI PUJA 2021, HAPPY.
  3. I hope you have a happy year ahead of you! I hope you have a joyful Kali Puja.
  4. May Ma bring you and your loved ones happiness. May Maa Kali’s heavenly blessings remain with you always. Cheers to Kali Puja!
  5. Happy Kali Puja to you and your family, greetings. May Ma Kali always remain by your side to bestow upon you the courage and fortitude necessary to overcome all of life’s obstacles.
  6. For Kali Puja, my warmest wishes are with you. May Ma Kali remain with us constantly, keep us safe from harm, and shower us with her blessings.
  7. On this auspicious day of Kali Puja, I wish you the very best. Through Ma Her Kali, may your family be blessed with riches and success.
  8. “Maa Kali wish you Good fortune throughout the year!
    May it bring you pleasure and wealth.
    May the Kali Puja this year be pleasant and joyful.
    We wish you and your family a happy Kali Puja.
  9. You are given power, courage, and the ability to combat all forms of evil and disorder in your life by Maa Kali.
  10. May Kali Puja be prosperous and joyful!
  11. “I’m sending you and your family my warmest wishes for Kali Puja.
    I’d want to wish you a beautiful and joyous celebration.
  12. Enjoy the 2019 Kali Puja!” Make a promise to be courageous and powerful like during Kali Puja to make your festivities more meaningful.
  13. We must constantly have faith in Maa and adhere to the life path she has modelled for us on the occasion of her puja. Happy  Kali Puja!
  14. The triumph of virtue over evil is always recalled on this important day.
  15. Opportunities for Kali Puja constantly motivate us to live morally. Wishing everyone a happy Kali Puja.

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