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Surya Grahan

Surya Grahan On October 25: When the Moon crosses in front of the Sun and the Earth, a solar eclipse takes place which is also called Surya Grahan.

The new moon and eclipse are in sync. That is, when the moon is either not visible in the night sky or only visible as a dim crescent at the beginning of the lunar cycle.

A celestial phenomenon known as “Surya Grahan” takes place when the Moon moves in front of the Sun, briefly obstructing the Sun’s rays from reaching the Earth.

Solar eclipses are scientific phenomena, but they also have mythical and astrological importance in Indian culture.

Surya Grahan in October 2022: Solar Eclipse Timings in India, what is Partial Eclipse?

Surya Grahan: History

According to Hindu beliefs, the demon Rahu stood between Lord Chandra (the moon) and Lord Surya (the sun) to create “Amrit” after dressing as a man and pursuing Samudra Mantan (the sound of the sea) (omnipotent). was taken as medication.) Elixir was given to the gods by Lord Vishnu, who appeared as the beautiful woman named Mohini.

Lord Vishnu immediately severed their heads after realising that Rahu had deceived them into believing they had received the elixir of immortality. The elixir was split in two as the demon had already swallowed it. The body component was referred to as “Ketu,” and the head portion as “Rahu.” When Lord Vishnu was informed of Rahu’s actual identity by Lord Chandra and Lord Surya, the demon temporarily consumed the sun and moon in retaliation.

Belief systems are not, however, supported by science. But during eclipses, individuals do take extra precautions.

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Surya Grahan: Time and Date

When the sun is covered by the moon, there are certain things one should do and refrain from doing, according to Hindu beliefs.

During the month of Kartik, Hindus across the country will witness the Surya Grahan on October 25 (Tuesday). There will be a partial eclipse at 4.56 pm (IST) and a total eclipse at 5.43 pm (IST). As of 6.26 p.m. (IST), it will last until 7 p.m.

On October 25, temples and homes will not conduct rituals after 4.57 am. It is strictly forbidden to prepare or consume food during this period. After the ritual bath on October 25, religious rituals will resume at 6.26 p.m.

What should you do in the event of a solar eclipse?

1. When viewing an eclipse, it’s usually a good idea to wear a filter, such as eclipse or eclipse goggles.

2. Keep your headlights on as you watch as well.

3. Shower before and following the eclipse.

4. Eat something two hours or more before the eclipse.

5. After Surya Grahan, dust the house and scatter ganjagar all over it. brings joy and offers defense against the harmful effects of solar eclipses.

6. Reflect during the eclipse. Lord Shiva, Guru, and Lord Vishnu hymns are chanted at Surya Grahan.

What activities are prohibited during the eclipse?

1. When the eclipse is happening, stay out of the sun.

2. Skip eating or cooking while there is a solar eclipse.

3. Avoid exposing your unprotected eyes to the sun.

4. During a solar eclipse, expectant mothers shouldn’t leave the house.

5. To counteract the harmful effects of Surya Her Grahan, throw cooked food away before the eclipse or cover it with holy basil leaves.

6. To prevent negative effects, put the holy basil leaves in a jar of water.

7. Refrain from going to bed or leaving during Grahan.

8. Keep the home out of direct sunlight and drape the doors.