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Sonam Losar 2024: History, Activities and Significance

Nepal celebrates Sonam Losar, a traditional festival marking the Tibetan New Year, with both men and women participating in vibrant cultural activities.

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Sonam Losar 2024: The ceremonies for Sonam Losar begin with great fanfare on the second new moon following the winter solstice. It falls on February 10 this year. Every year, Nepal celebrates this grandiose festival to usher in the Tibetan New Year. Indeed, weeks ahead of time, festivities are planned for this momentous event! On this day, both men and women dress in vibrant, traditional clothing, dance to the sounds of the damphu drum, and enjoy delicious food from the area. This is the ideal time to visit Nepal if you enjoy learning about different cultures.

The Sonam Losar History

Sonam Losar is the Tamang community’s New Year’s celebration in Nepal. For the Tamangs, the word “Losar” signifies “New Year” or “the start of a new era.” Here’s some further information on the Tamang people: This is a group of people who primarily reside in the Kathmandu Valley and the central highlands of Nepal. The group, which comprises 8% of Nepal’s total population, is well-known for its distinctive customs. Simply enough, the word “Tamang” means “horse traders.” Even though the name’s origins are unknown, it is believed the people who used it had some sort of connection to the trading or riding of horses. Members of the tribe have also moved around the globe over time, settling in places like Burma and India.

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In addition to having customs that set them apart from other Nepalis, Tamang people are known to use an antiquated lunar calendar, either Tibetan or Chinese. Because of this, their New Year typically coincides with the second new moon following the winter solstice. Tamangs also have a custom of using animal associations to calculate the years, with each month representing a different animal. A rat, a boar, a monkey, snakes, and various other animals are among them.

The Tamangs celebrate the new year with great gusto every year, and the celebrations usually linger for more than a week. They prepare their homes for the new year by cleaning and decorating them throughout the month. It’s similar to starting again in a certain way. Additional customs for the day include dancing in masks, visiting monasteries and stupas dressed traditionally, and performing rituals to ward off evil spirits.

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Sonam Losar Activities

Go to a monastery.

This is the time to visit a monastery to strengthen your relationship with the Lord because praying is part of the festivities. Monasteries are excellent locations to look for tranquility, regardless of your religious beliefs.

Remain with the elderly

One can never predict when someone will die. Spend some time with the household elders and make good use of the day’s customs.

Consume and move.

Eating all the customary foods and dancing the night away with the people you love and appreciate can help you make the most of the day. Enjoy the festivities and the pleasure this Christmas season brings.

5 Amazing Things About Nepal

  • Nepal has never been colonized; hence, it does not observe Independence Day.
  • Lord Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal.
  • More than 100 cultural groups call it home.
  • In Nepal, there are more than 123 languages spoken.
  • It’s home to eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains.

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Our Love For Sonam Losar

It’s a celebration honoring culture.

The purpose of the day is to ensure that Tamang history and culture continue to be preserved. It is crucial to remember this festival.

It’s a joyful moment.

For people who labor all year long and require a break, this occasion is crucial. It’s the ideal time to unwind and let your hair down.

It fosters interpersonal relationships.

Since many people go from abroad to visit family, the event fosters community among participants. It’s also a fantastic method of uniting the community.


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