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Valentismas 2024: Date, History and Facts

Valentismas celebrations, an annual date, are an ideal day to reflect on the love-filled festivities of Christmas, amidst the stress-free atmosphere of Valentismas 2024.

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Valentismas 2024: February 10 is the annual date of Valentismas celebrations. The holiday, which is a combination of Valentine’s Day and Christmas, is celebrated on a day in between the two events. Christmas is meant to be a stress-free day when friends and family gather together to honor one another. Just a few weeks have passed since Christmas, so there’s still a festive vibe, and preparations are being made for Valentine’s Day. This is the ideal day to reflect on the beautiful Christmas season and take part in the love-filled festivities. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the people that mean the most to you.

Valentismas History

In 2019, Erin Herrmann established Valentismas as a tribute to her father, Duane Herrmann. Erin remembers how her father’s condition worsened and they were forced to repeatedly put off their Christmas festivities. His family argued about whether they should even be celebrating Christmas after he passed away in January 2019. They were genuinely excited to spend time together and had previously purchased gifts for one another. This is the origin of the first Valentismas.

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The Hermann family adopted the practice of celebrating Valentismas rather than Christmas, and it became a tradition. They realized that many families have losses throughout the year, which can be particularly difficult during the holiday season. They decided that it was time to spread the joy of the holiday throughout the world and assist those who, like them a few years prior, were experiencing hardship. Even at the most trying moment in her family’s history, Erin acknowledges that getting ready for Valentine’s Day has been incredibly joyful.

This proximity to Valentine’s Day and Valentismas is probably because Valentine’s Day is the day of love. The story of St. Valentine has taken on a variety of guises over time. That hasn’t stopped lovers from enjoying the day, though. The most widely accepted legend holds that St. Valentine married Roman soldiers in secret before they were deployed to battle. Another well-liked but unverified theory holds that while St. Valentine was incarcerated, he fell in love with the daughter of his jailer. He wrote her a love note and signed it “Your Valentine” before he was to be executed.

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Valentismas Occasions

Get your family together.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. The main goal of the day is to spend time with your loved ones and cherish their companionship. For your loved ones, you can also purchase flowers and gifts.

Have a celebration.

Organizing a party for your entire friend group is an excellent way to commemorate Valentine’s Day. Throw a love-themed party to spread the joy as everyone is in the mood to celebrate the month of love!

Go to the hospital.

Valentismas originated from a family enduring bereavement. You can go to a hospital or hospice on Valentine’s Day to celebrate. Share the love this Valentine’s Day by giving flowers, chocolates, and presents.

5 Valentismas facts you should be aware of

  • The Lupercalia fertility observance is where the day got its start.
  • From the Greek deity of love, Eros, came Cupid.
  • In the 1840s, Valentine’s Day cards were first offered for sale in stores.
  • Americans spent $21 billion on gifts on Valentine’s Day in 2021.
  • Americans spent around $6 billion on jewelry presents in 2020.

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Why Valentismas Are So Magical

A day dedicated to love

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. The day is yours to enjoy with your loved ones, including your spouse and family. Reminding ourselves of the love that surrounds us is always pleasant.

A day of gratitude

All of the amazing people who cheer us up and support us through difficult times are the reason our lives are joyful and full of love. Saying gratitude to all of your loved ones is another way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Aids in our mourning

Grieving is aided by valentismas. On this day, many families commemorate their loved ones who are no longer with them. Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder that melancholy is okay and that mourning may also be an expression of love.


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