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Sri Somavara Vrata 2022: Date, Time, Rituals and Somavara Vratham Muhurat

Sri Somavara Vrata 2022: Hindu worshippers frequently fast or observe Vrat in order to worship the deity. Numerous deities are thought to possess unique abilities to fulfil the unique demands of their followers. As a result, followers begin fasting while asking the Lord for his blessings. His 16th Somba (Monday) Vrat, which is devoted to Lord Shiva, is one such significant Hindu vrat or fast. Girls and women typically practise this fasting in order to find a nice husband and be granted a happy marriage. For 16 Mondays in a row, the 16 Somvar Vrat is observed. To learn the history of Solah Somvar Vrat and the guidelines for observing it, read the paragraphs that follow.

The Somvara Vrata’s rituals

The Somavara vrata begins on Monday at dawn. The participant in this vrata should rise early and reflect on the almighty Lord Shiva. The worshippers offer their prayers to the benevolent Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati after taking a holy bath. The participant in this Vrata is dressed in white.

Shiva’s siblings will first be covered with Panchamritam, a consecrated concoction of honey, curd, milk, osima leaves, curds, and other specific ingredients, during a special puja. Bhasma (Vibhuti) and Bilva’s patras are also offered to Lord Shiva by devotees. To please Lord Shiva, special food offerings called naivedia are also made and served. White flowers should be given to the siblings as well.

The Soumavara Vrata Katha, the Vrata’s narrative, is read by the observer of that Vrata late in the evening. All day long, devotees chant “Om Namah Shivaya.” A Somavara vrata follower is permitted to eat one meal after midday or to entirely fast. Fruit or sabudana kichadi can be consumed to observe partial fasting.

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After engaging in the customary rituals and morning prayers, devotees break their fast the following day. The prasadam is subsequently shared with other worshippers and given to the less fortunate. Those who follow the Soumavara Vrata typically go to the temples of Lord Shiva in the morning and the evening. If that’s not possible, you can still say a prayer.

Somvara Vrata Muhurat

The muhurat for Somvara Vrata is as follows:

  • In 2022, Sri Somavara Vrata is scheduled for Monday, October 31
  • The time in Parna is 6:36 a.m. on November 1

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Somvara Vrat: History

Legend has it that when Lord Shiva and Parvati travelled to the city of Amravati, they halted at the stunning Shiva temple. This is the origin of the Solah Somvar Vrat. Lord Shiva was also in a playful mood. When Parvati discovered this, she made the decision to play a game of dice, and the game started. When a temple priest inquired who would win the game in the meantime, the priest abruptly said that Lord Shiva would triumph. But Parvati triumphs in the game and takes offence to Brahman’s deception. He was cursed by Parvati for having a leprosy. The Brahmin eventually developed leprosy and started living a wretched life. Some fairies eventually came to Earth to visit the priest and witness his awful situation. Brahman told them the entire narrative.

One of his fairies will observe a 16-Monday fast for the Brahmin without taking a break, and on the 17th Monday, prepare flour, ghee, Guru prasad, or other holy food and serve it to the Brahmin’s family. The priest told the whole tale when questioned. Excited, Parvati thought about abstaining from food and eventually met his adored son Kartikeya. Other similar instances also started after 16 consecutive Monday fasts.

Beginning in any month’s Shukla Paksha (lunar wax phase), the Solah Somvar Vrat can be observed. However, many who practise fasting choose the months of Shavan or Kartik. Even more often than not, devotees observe this Solar Somvar Vrat during the Chaturma season.

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Although some believers prefer to observe a 24-hour fast during which they only consume water, soft copra, or coconut, the fast lasts from dawn to sunset. During the fast, you can consume nuts, milk, and fruit. Following the completion of the 16 weeks, Lord Shiva is honoured with a special puja or prayer.