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National Egg McMuffin Day 2023: Date, History, Activities

Mmm…what do you smell? Egg McMuffin Day is on March 2, and you can smell breakfast sizzling. Eating a hearty breakfast consisting of an egg with melted cheese and a slice of ham nestled in the centre of a warm, buttered muffin is an excellent way to combat the Monday blues (or Tuesdays, Wednesdays, really any day ending in Y). Do we even need to elaborate?

The background of National Egg McMuffin Day

Evidently, the Egg McMuffin was not always available. In fact, the sandwich was a game changer for breakfast everywhere when it was invented in 1972. According to Ray Kroc’s 1977 autobiography Grinding it Out: The Making of McDonald’s, everything began when Herb Peterson and his assistant Donald Greadel asked Kroc to investigate something without specifying what it was. They accidentally invented the first breakfast sandwich while attempting to create their own version of a fast-food eggs Benedict. That’s right, breakfast sandwiches wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the McDonald’s corporation and a random but delicious experiment!

Peterson and Greadel presented Kroc with a sandwich consisting of an egg that had been cooked and formed in a Teflon circle with the yolk purposely broken, a slice of perfectly melted cheese, and a slice of grilled ham, served open-faced on a toasted and buttered English muffin. Patty Turner, the wife of a McDonald’s executive, came up with the name Egg McMuffin, which we all know today.

The invention of the Egg McMuffin ushered in an entirely new era for fast food, transforming McDonald’s from a burger joint into a one-stop shop for on-the-go, hot breakfast. In the same year, the very first Egg McMuffin was sold at the Belleville, New Jersey location. Even though it took nearly three years to fully integrate the sandwich into McDonald’s system, TIME praised it as evidence that the fast-food chain “pays close attention to suggestions from behind the counter.”

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Purchase an Egg McMuffin

Obviously, the best way to celebrate the Egg McMuffin is to actually consume one. Visit your local McDonald’s and enjoy the dish that made the breakfast sandwich a staple of fast food and a household name worldwide.

Try out McDonald’s additional breakfast offerings.

You dislike the Egg McMuffin. No cause for concern. With additional breakfast options including the McGriddle, the Sausage Biscuit, the Big Breakfast, and the Hotcakes, there is something for everyone!

Make a breakfast sandwich on your own.

The term “breakfast sandwich” would not exist without the invention of the Egg McMuffin by McDonald’s in the early 1970s. Celebrate this innovation by creating your own breakfast sandwich at home, complete with all the ingredients you could desire for your first meal of the day.


Year Date Day
2023 March 2 Thursday
2024 March 2 Saturday
2025 March 2 Sunday
2026 March 2 Monday
2027 March 2 Tuesday