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National Hospitalist Day 2023: Date, History, Facts

National Hospitalist Day is observed annually on the first Thursday of March to honour the contributions of tens of thousands of hospitalists across the country. The holiday aims to encourage us to honour the members of the hospital medicine community. Hospitalists are medical professionals who practise hospital medicine. They have been and continue to be essential to the delivery of health care services in the United States. Hospitalists are known for their compassion and care for patients, and their continued excellence in their field should be recognised. Here are some nursing scholarships to help you pay for your studies if you’re inspired to enter this noble profession.

The background of National Hospitalist Day

The Society of Hospital Medicine, the official founders of National Hospitalist Day, recognises the contributions of more than 60,000 hospitalists annually during the first week of March as part of National Hospitalist Day. Hospitalists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals who practise hospital medicine are among the 1997-founded Society of Hospital Medicine’s membership.

The Society of Hospital Medicine promotes excellent healthcare for hospitalised patients through education, research, and advocacy. They promote quality care by maintaining hospitals’ education and industry-specific knowledge. These are published in the monthly news magazine The Hospitalist and the peer-reviewed journal Journal of Hospital Medicine.

The purpose of National Hospitalist Day is to recognise the contributions of specialist care physicians who are members of the Society of Hospital Medicine in this rapidly expanding field of contemporary medicine. The distinction between a primary care physician and a hospitalist is insignificant. Hospitalists are doctors who specialise in providing in-hospital care to patients. They typically have the same education and training as primary care physicians, but they have a focus on hospital care.

Hospitalists are comprised of nurse practitioners, physicians, and assistants, as well as practise administrators, in modern times. Hospitalists include specialists in family, paediatric, and internal medicine, as well as anyone devoted to enhancing the delivery of health care. The purpose of the national holiday is to honour and recognise the growing number of devoted hospitalists in the country.

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Hospitalists frequently instruct clinicians who are new to leadership roles in leadership skills.

Hospitalists are tasked with enhancing the patient experience, which is fundamental to providing high-quality care.

There exists a national database of hospitalists and programmes in hospital medicine.

“The Hospitalist” is a monthly news publication that helps hospitalists keep abreast of the most recent industry news and education.

The Society of Hospital Medicine was awarded the John M. Eisenberg Award for innovation in patient safety and quality by the Joint Commission and the National Quality Forum.


Year Date Day
2022 March 3 Thursday
2023 March 2 Thursday
2024 March 7 Thursday
2025 March 6 Thursday
2026 March 5 Thursday