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National Eggs Benedict Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

There are multiple accounts of who invented Eggs Benedict, with one dating back to the eighteenth century. Pope Benedict XII was egg-obsessed. He favoured one egg entrée so much that he ordered it on a regular basis.

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The 16th of April is National Eggs Benedict Day, a day dedicated to the special American dish. It consists of a poached egg, an English muffin, and Canadian bacon topped with Hollandaise sauce, and it is surrounded by a fallacy. Some have presumed that the name was derived from the American Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold, but its origins are much more complex than they appear.

The background of National Eggs Benedict Day

There are multiple accounts of who invented Eggs Benedict, with one dating back to the eighteenth century. Pope Benedict XII was egg-obsessed. He favoured one egg entrée so much that he ordered it on a regular basis. It was said that despite his illness, he still craved this egg entrée and that his affection for it never diminished. From then on, his name and the dish were inextricably linked.

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According to another account, a Wall Street merchant named Lemuel Benedict invented Eggs Benedict in 1894 in an attempt to cure his hangover. In an attempt to find a cure, he ordered buttered toast, poached eggs, bacon, and Hollandaise sauce at the Waldorf Hotel. Oscar Tschirky, the chef at the restaurant, was so impressed by the dish that he added it to the menu and named it after Lemuel Benedict.

In 1967, yet another origin story for Eggs Benedict was devised. Edward P. Montgomery penned a letter to The New York Times Magazine containing information about the dish’s creator prior to his demise in 1920. He claimed that Commodore E.C. Benedict invented the delicacy and that his mother gave him the recipe, further confounding the origins of the dish.

Today, there are numerous regional variations of Eggs Benedict preparation. It has evolved from Canadian bacon to conventional bacon and English muffins to toast, but the concept has remained largely unchanged. With brunch culture on the rise and food bloggers thriving in the present day, Eggs Benedict remains as popular as ever, regardless of who invented it.

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Your own path

Experiment with your own Eggs Benedict recipe. You can use your preferred toast or English muffin, flavoured bacon, and Hollandaise sauces with seasonings such as salt, white pepper, and cayenne pepper. You can even alter the name of your specific work in order to sign it.

Vacation for Hollandaise

Hollandaise sauce is a unique challenge. If you truly want to acquire an appreciation for the dish, you must learn how to prepare it from scratch. It requires egg yolk, fresh lemon juice, butter, and desired condiments. It may take some time to achieve perfection, but once you do, it will be ideal for you.

Exceptional luncheon

Since it is a holiday, it is understandable if you are not in the mood to prepare it yourself. Attend a local restaurant that specialises in breakfast or brunch while acting like a gourmet. Try a variety of egg dishes and rank them accordingly. There are Eggs Florentine, Eggs Hemingway, and Eggs Blackstone among them. You may discover a new favourite.


The endurance of the dish can be attributed to the availability of substitute ingredients in numerous countries.

Hollandaise sauce is one of the five mother sauces from which hundreds of other sauces are derived.

In honour of Pope Benedict XVI, there is a variation prepared with German ingredients such as rye bread and sausage.

Eggs poached at lower temperatures produce more delicately cooked eggs than those prepared at higher temperatures.

People created the myth that Eggs Benedict was less American because it contained Canadian bacon and English pastries.


Year Date Day
2023 April 16 Sunday
2024 April 16 Tuesday
2025 April 16 Wednesday
2026 April 16 Thursday
2027 April 16 Friday
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