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National Ice Cream Cone Day 2023: Date, History, Activities

How can you hold and consume ice cream with your hands without creating a mess? is a question that has baffled philosophers and commoners alike since the beginning of time. Celebrate the long-awaited answer, National Ice Cream Cone Day, on September 22 by biting into America’s favorite method to consume a cool, sweet treat!

The background of National Ice Cream Cone Day

Prior to the invention of the ice cream cone, it was impossible to consume ice cream without dripping it down one’s limbs or chin and ruining one’s clothing. Due to this so-simple-it’s-incredible-nobody-thought-of-it-earlier innovation, ice cream cones are now available in waffle, pretzel, chocolate-coated, wafer, sugar, and other varieties. Celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day by grabbing your favorite cone (ours is sugar!) and enjoying the remaining warm days.

Included in the appeal of the ice cream cone are the additional textures and flavors it lends to the dessert. Adding a pretzel cone to chocolate ice cream improves it immeasurably, and adding a crispy vanilla cone to mango sorbet makes the dessert much more exciting. In addition to being a delectable addition to the ice cream treat you’re holding in your hand, every time you consume ice cream in a cone, you’re helping the environment by not using a disposable plastic spoon and cup. So, love the planet and savor ice cream — it’s almost as if you CAN have your cake and eat it too! Cup or cone? It is the age-old conundrum for ice cream lovers in the United States. Opinions vary.

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Activities on National Ice Cream Cone Day

Make your own cones if you can.

Creating ice cream cones is not nearly as difficult as it may appear. Even without a waffle press, you can create a fresh and delicious ice cream cone. Now, get started!

Consume some ice cream

Try out the new ice cream shop down the street; it’s much simpler than creating your own cones. Explore your ice cream adventure by searching for ice cream on Yelp. Don’t limit your options; ice cream, sorbet, gelato, and soft-serve are all available on cones!

Embellish ice cream cones.

Purchase a package of conventional sugar cones and embellish them! Coat in chocolate, then decorate with sprinkling, white chocolate and dark chocolate stripes, and food coloring. Prepare imaginatively for your next ice cream celebration.


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