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National Juice Slush Day 2023: Date, History, Activities, Fruits

National Juice Slush Day is observed annually on the third Wednesday of May to recognise the icy delight known as juice slush. This year, it occurs on May 17. Juice slush has existed for decades, if not millennia, ever since citrus juice was added to freshly gathered snow. The royal palaces of the world have, for centuries, brought freshly fallen snow from the mountains and stuffed it with crushed berries and mashed fruits. Recently, large companies have taken the lead in producing juice sorbet, which has become a lunchtime favourite among children.

The background of National Juice Slush Day

The current form of slushes, which we appreciate today, was accidentally created in the 1950s when a restaurant accidentally froze soda. When the freezer door was unsealed, the soda’s consistency was discovered to be slushy. As the saying goes, the rest is history. The beverage has since evolved into the delicious chilled beverage that we all enjoy today.

Even though juice slushes are widely available, National Juice Slush Day can be traced back to a singular company, Cool Tropics. Cool Tropics and its well-known juice mix brand Welch’s make the most of this day by conducting nationwide marketing campaigns on a grand scale. This popular school drink, which is particularly popular during the warmest days of spring and summer, is flavoured with genuine fruit juice and contains no artificial colouring.

In 2008, Cool Tropics shifted its focus from selling frozen slush equipment to frozen yoghurt, a healthier alternative to a childhood favourite. Consequently, a 100% juice slush container is produced (no equipment is required). Due to the vibrancy, happiness, and exhilaration they brought to the table, students in grades K-12 were the ideal target market for these nutritious new offerings. They were ideal for menus, school field excursions and other special events.

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Buy a juice slush

The best method to commemorate the occasion is by purchasing a juice slush. You can try various flavours you have never tried before to determine which you prefer.

Make a slurry

Make your own juice smoothie rather than buying one from a store. Slushes are a great method to cool off on a hot day, and they are much simpler to prepare than you may believe. Simply seek online for tasty recipes.

Create an engaging combination

Record yourself creating an intriguing juice sorbet mixture. You may combine ingredients that you believe to be complementary. Recording yourself or your peers consuming a juice slush and sharing the video on social media with the hashtag #NationalJuiceSlushDay can encourage others to do the same.

5 Fruits to Include in a Juice Slush


You can add citrus to your juice slush to create a delicious slush.


If you enjoy pears, include them in your juice slush.


A grape slush is a great method to cool off on a hot summer day.


If you enjoy mango, you can include it in your sorbet.

Mixed fruit

If you have a bag of assorted berries, you can add them to your slush to achieve the flavour you desire.


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