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International Museum Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) conducted a meeting entitled "Crusade for Museums" in 1951, during which the international museum community discussed the topic "Museums and Education."

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International Museum Day is observed on May 18 each year. Since 1977, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) has annually observed this day to honour the international museum community. Museums are essential for the development of civil coexistence and cooperation between nations and communities, as well as for cultural exchange and enrichment. This day encourages individuals to visit institutions devoted to a variety of human endeavours, including agriculture, fashion, astronomy, archaeology, art, and natural history. Let us embark on a journey to museums and discover our historical heritage together.

The background of International Museum Day

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) conducted a meeting entitled “Crusade for Museums” in 1951, during which the international museum community discussed the topic “Museums and Education.” At this meeting, the strategy for museum accessibility was devised, which inspired the creation of International Museum Day.

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International Museum Day was first celebrated in 1977 in Moscow, when the I.C.O.M. General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for the establishment of an annual event to further integrate creative objectives and museum efforts in order to draw global attention to museums’ contributions to humanity. It also promotes the notion that museums are conduits for fostering mutual comprehension, interaction, and world peace.

The organisation chooses a new theme annually. Since 1977, every museum in the globe has been required to organise and participate in activities to promote the value of museums to society.

Since its inception, International Museum Day’s prominence has steadily increased. Indicative of the fact that the study of history enables us to comprehend how societies behaved, the number of participants has increased consistently over the past 15 years.

More individuals than ever before visit museums around the globe today. There are also more university students studying history than ever before.

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Visit your local museum

Local museum visits are one of the best methods to observe International Museum Day. This can be done alone, with companions, or with your children.

Explore the virtual environment

You can virtually visit a museum if you do not want to wait in queue or deal with throngs. In some respects, taking a virtual tour of a museum is practical, as some of the more popular museums are likely to be crowded with visitors.

Share your thoughts on social networks

You can share your thoughts or opinions about International Museum Day or a museum you recently visited on social media. This encourages others to visit museums.


The British Museum, which was established by an Act of Parliament in 1753 and originally housed in a magnificent mansion in Bloomsbury, required visitors to submit a formal application for nearly half a century prior to admittance.

The term “museum” is derived from the Greek word mouseion, which alludes to temples devoted to the Muses and the arts.

Ptolemy I Soter constructed the Museum of Alexandria in approximately 300 B.C., and it was once the most popular tourist attraction in the world.

During the Renaissance, wealthy merchant and banking families amassed art collections as prestige symbols in response to a renewed interest in classical art and architecture, which led to the establishment of modern museums.

Museology is the expansive and fascinating study of collection curation (the maintenance of objects in museum collections) and the public display of collections.


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