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National Quiche Lorraine Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Lorraine

The 20th of May is National Quiche Lorraine Day, and we could not be happier that this dish is receiving the recognition it deserves. Since its humble beginnings in mediaeval Europe, this dish has evolved and tantalised the taste senses. Imagine a complete English breakfast consisting of cheesy eggs, baked beans on toast, bacon, sausages, sautéed mushrooms, and additional side vegetables. Imagine that everything comes together to form a magnificent dish. This is precisely where quiche comes in, and it’s not going anywhere.

The Background of National Quiche Lorraine Day

Despite its reputation as a French cuisine, Quiche Lorraine originated in the 1500s in the German Kingdom of Lothringen (modern-day Lorraine). Lothringen was unique due to its geographical location between France and Germany, with both countries asserting claim to the region at various times in history. The Germans in Lothringen ate ‘Kuchen,’ which means ‘cake’ in German, a meat-filled open pastry. This savoury cake evolved into the term “Kische,” and when France conquered Lothringen, they also took control of the dish. It was renamed Lorraine, and ‘Kische’ was Frenchified as ‘quiche’ (pronounced keesh). It was said to be Duke Charles III of Lorraine’s favourite dish.

Quiche Lorraine was originally a poor man’s dish consisting of custard prepared from cream and eggs, and smoked bacon or lardons (cubes of lard) cooked on a bread-base in a cast-iron skillet. These were all items that were common in most households. Cheese was subsequently added as the dish evolved. The addition of onions transforms a traditional Quiche Lorraine into Quiche Alsacienne, as a traditional Quiche Lorraine does not contain them.

While little is known about the origin of National Quiche Day, quiche gained prominence in the 1970s and 1980s. It became a popular brunch item (and we all know how much millennials adore brunch) because it could be served hot or cold and was equally delicious as a vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish. In spite of a brief decline in popularity among males in the 1980s (due to its association with brunch, a ‘feminine’ concept), the term is now as popular as ever.

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Joan of Arc, the historical female role model, is from Lorraine.

Lorraine is derived from the Germanic name Lothar, which means “famous army.”

Alsace and Lorraine is a prominent French region due to its viticulture, which produces premium white wines.

Lorraine is also famous for its madeleines, Mirabelle plums, macarons, and a dish called Lorraine hotpot.

Alsace and Lorraine have been contested territory between France and Germany for centuries.


Year Date Day
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