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National String Cheese Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about String Cheese

National String Cheese Day is observed on September 20 annually. If you have ever experienced the stringy delicacy of this snack, you will understand why it has its own holiday. String cheese refers to cheese varieties in which the proteins are aligned to create a stringy texture. When heated to 140°F and stretched, the milk proteins in mozzarella cheese align, allowing segments or’strings’ to be separated from the main block of cheese.

The background of National String Cheese Day

In 2017, Galbani Cheese is attributed with establishing National String Cheese Day. In the United States, string cheese refers to snack-sized segments of mozzarella. This cylindrical string cheese is approximately six inches long and one inch in diameter. Another common name for it is “cheese stick,” which refers to a single stick or several lengths that have been cut and packaged. String cheese is almost always mozzarella or a combination of cheddar and mozzarella.

Leobarda Castellanos Garca, a Mexican adolescent, has been credited with inventing string cheese, but Frank Baker is credited with inventing cheese sticks in 1976. He disliked the shredded or cubed mozzarella cheese that was prevalent at the time, so he decided to create his own. The initial version resembled a cord.

He introduced it at parties and bars to gauge public response. After a few years, the cylindrical shape was adopted, and individual packaging increased the shelf life. The invention quickly gained popularity as a refreshment. Although it is arguable that others may have invented string cheese at the same time as Baker, there is little evidence to confirm this.
This tasty refreshment can be enjoyed in numerous ways. Many adopt the “peel and eat” method of separating sticks into thinner strands, whereas others prefer to eat them whole. Regardless of how you prepare it, one thing is certain: it tastes delicious.

Join aficionados worldwide in celebrating this incredible snack. Take it along for your picnic or your evening walk in the park. You can even heat it until it dissolves and incorporate it into your favourite dishes.

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String cheese contains more than 20% of the recommended daily calcium intake.

Normal mozzarella string cheese is packed with protein and contains only 80 calories.

Refrigerated string cheese can remain fresh for months.

Several flavours, including smoky bacon and cheddar, were discontinued.

Bega Cheese in Australia sells Bega Stringers string cheese.


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