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National Walker’s Shortbread 2024: Date, history and 5 Facts about Walker’s Shortbread

A simple delicacy like shortbread can make everything better, from tea time to "me time." Are you ready to sample some delectable Scottish sweets now?

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National Walker’s Shortbread 2024: Have you ever had a scrumptious shortbread made entirely of butter? We commemorate National Walker’s Shortbread Day on January 6th, a day to honor the delicious shortbread in all its splendor! Perhaps Scotland’s greatest gift to the world is this buttery, melt-in-your-mouth confection. This amazing dish is baked without the use of leavening agents like baking soda or powder, giving it a unique, rustic texture. Walker urges you to start the new year on a sweet note by indulging in this Scottish treat at home, as a nod to the festive season.

In addition, Walker’s Shortbread is giving shortbread enthusiasts the opportunity to win a year’s supply of the brand in honor of National Walker’s Shortbread Day and 125 years of making all-butter Scottish shortbread!

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The History of National Shortbread Day

The original shortbread recipe, which originated in Scotland in the 12th century, called for just butter and flour. The dough gets shorter as a result of fattening it; therefore, the term “shortbread.”

Mary, Queen of Scots, had to step in before this collapsing treat became well-known across the country. She perfected the recipe and spread its triangle sizing in the sixteenth century so that it would fit her favorite petticoat tails. The 17th-century shortbread transformed into a sweet biscuit after sugar was brought to the UK, and it was best had with evening tea. The origins of shortbread can be found in William Shakespeare’s play “The Merry Wives of Windsor,” which was written in the seventeenth century.

When Joseph Walker established Walker’s firm in 1898, he served a genuine Scottish traditional delight, which gave rise to Walker’s Shortbread. His great-grandchildren and grandchildren carry on the exquisite baking heritage he established 125 years ago in the Scottish Highlands. Their shortbread is still made with just four ingredients—pure creamery butter, flour, sugar, and a dash of salt—just how it has been for generations. Walker’s Shortbread is still pleased with its status as a sustainable company that strives to use less plastic and is eager to carry out similar initiatives in other sectors of the company.

The most well-known and recognizable item in Walker’s product line is the Shortbread Finger, which has a delightful all-butter flavor and a crunchy yet crumbly texture. Did you know that Walker’s Fingers will always have 13 holes? A baker’s dozen to release steam while the food bakes.

Walker’s product line is presented in its characteristic tartan wrapping, which exudes an inner and outer Scottish charm. It is regarded as a genuine Scottish classic and a global symbol of quality.

Ideas For National Walker’s Shortbread Day Celebration

Eat lots of shortbread.

Invest in all the essential Walker’s Shortbread goodies and supplies to make the most of every season. Once supplied, you’ll enjoy the purest Scottish flavors in your baking and eating. Order from Walker’s shop today to take the first step.

Matching Biscuits

Sweet shortbread tastes great by itself. But it goes well with a variety of beverages; if you’re in the need for something warm and comforting, try it with tea or coffee. If you like a stronger flavor, try it with scotch or whisky.

Give your pals a taste of your shortbread!

This is your chance to share the flavor of traditional shortbread with friends and family on National Walker’s Shortbread Day. Better yet, try baking at home with one of Walker’s delectable recipes, such as the Fondue Board with Chocolate and Raspberry.

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Walker’s Shortbread: 5 Facts

Made with just four components!

The only four ingredients needed to make Walker’s Shortbread are butter, flour, sugar, and a small amount of salt.

Walker’s time-tested formula of 125 years!

For the past 125 years, Walker’s Shortbread has been made in Scotland using the same all-butter recipe. And it tastes just as good as ever!

A household-run company

Since Walker’s Shortbread was established in 1898, the Walker Family has continued to own and run the business.

Created using natural ingredients

There is a guarantee that no artificial colors or flavors will be present in any product. They use real butter in the production of their products; hydrogenated vegetable oils are not included.

Walker’s gluten-free selections

Walker’s Shortbread is suitable for all dietary requirements, as it provides numerous gluten-free choices, such as chocolate chip, ginger and lemon shortbread. To view more of Walker’s gluten-free selection, click this link.

The Reasons We Appreciate this Day

It’s still enjoyable after the holidays!

Let the occasion of the holiday be only one of many occasions to savor a delicious and traditional dessert. A delectable snack that’s perfect for any time of year and can be shared with everyone is shortbread!

They truly represent the true flavor of Scotland!

Walker’s Shortbread delivers Scotland right to your door if you are unable to visit! The basic, genuine flavor of this lovely country is best experienced with shortbread.

Easy Pleasure

A simple delicacy like shortbread can make everything better, from tea time to “me time.” Are you ready to sample some delectable Scottish sweets now?


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