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World Samosa Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Events

Contrary to prevalent belief, samosas did not originate in India, despite its immense popularity there. Before the turn of the 10th century, it originated in the Middle East.

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The fifth of September is celebrated annually as World Samosa Day, and we are excited to commemorate this day by eating the delicious snack. Samosas are fried pyramid-shaped snacks filled with a variety of ingredients, including shallots, potatoes, cheese, and peas. In India, Egypt, South Africa, and the Middle East, they are extremely popular. Samosas are typically consumed as appetisers, but for Samosa enthusiasts, they are a three-course meal, and World Samosa Day is a day of celebrations.

The background of World Samosa Day

Contrary to prevalent belief, samosas did not originate in India, despite its immense popularity there. Before the turn of the 10th century, it originated in the Middle East. Traders introduced it to India between the 13th and 14th centuries. Today, samosas are so popular in India that they are available everywhere, from households to upscale restaurants to street vendors.

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The samosa is mentioned in gastronomic literature from the 10th century. Numerous mediaeval Persian texts mention’sanbosag,’ an ancestor of the samosa and a relative of the Persian pyramidal pastry,’samsa.’ Histories describe’sambusak,”sabusaq,’ and even’sanbusaj’ as tiny mince-filled triangles consumed by merchants on lengthy journeys around campfires and packed in saddlebags. According to these sources, travelling merchants from Central Asia travelled to North Africa, East Asia, and South Asia, bringing samosas with them.

Middle Eastern chefs who migrated to India for employment during the Delhi Sultanate era brought samosas with them. It quickly became a snack suitable for a king. When the Moroccan traveller Ibn Batuta visited India in the 14th century, he recorded the banquets at the court of Muhammad bin Tughlaq, where’sambusak’ — a dish packed with mince, peas, pistachios, and almonds — was served to the guests. Since then, there have been numerous reports of individuals enjoying this historical delight.

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Consume a sizzling samosa

The ideal method to celebrate World Samosa Day is by eating samosas. Samosas are finest when served hot and straight from the oven.

Make homemade samosas

There is nothing superior to handcrafted samosas. Make it a family affair and prepare this delicious comfort cuisine in your home kitchen with your loved ones.

Try unfamiliar dishes

Online search for new samosa recipes. Even better, come up with your very own samosa recipe.

5 Delicious Facts About Samosa

After consuming samosas, the Spanish modified the recipe to produce empanadas.

The original samosas contained meat, pistachios, and scallions.

In Turkish nations, samosas are available in both half-moon and triangle configurations.

Because the traditional samosa resembles a pyramid, it is named after the Middle Eastern pyramids.

Vegetable samosas are the most common variety, whereas meat samosas are enjoyed in only a few nations.


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