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National YA DIG Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National YA DIG Day occurs annually on May 12. Can yo dig it? This day, created to honour the life of an inspirational man named Shauncy Lanier Davis, is a celebration of life, self-worth, and personal development. It has only existed since 2020, but it has already inspired countless. After learning about Davis, people can participate in group activities, join support groups for those with mental illness, and receive assistance from his community.

The background of National YA DIG Day

People have been using the expression “Can you dig it?” since the early 1990s. It eventually evolved into “ya dig?” and is still used today. You use it when you want to know whether someone is enjoying something or if they concur with you. National YA DIG Day shares similarities with this common expression, but it has a much deeper meaning than simply asking someone if they concur with you; it is a celebration of oneself.

The commemoration of the national day began by recognising self-awareness, self-worth, and personal growth. The translation of ‘YA DIG!’ is ‘You are destined for glory.’ Everyone should be inspired and motivated to consider their value. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness that every life is valuable and should be treated as such; if this day gives even one individual hope, it will have been a success. National YA DIG Day was inspired by Shauncy Lanier Davis, who exemplified the aforementioned qualities and inspired those around him to feel the same way or aspire to achieve the same level of self-worth and appreciation.

Davis would always exclaim “YA DIG!” to those he cared about and who he believed would achieve success in life. The tax-exempt, donor-supported ADIZAHYR To Live Foundation established National YA DIG Day in 2020 to commemorate Davis’s life. He was and remains a guiding beacon for many, whether he spoke words of encouragement, comforted those who felt despondent, or listened to those who felt unheard. Even though he is no longer among us, he continues to inspire a great number of people. The 12th of May is Davis’s birthday, and by commemorating National YA DIG Day on that date, he is honoured so that those who did not know him can find inspiration and motivation to persevere.

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Share messages of inspiration.

We often neglect that those around us are also attempting to navigate this life and are struggling with something or finding it difficult to survive as we focus on our own needs and desires. Therefore, it is important to inspire someone by offering them encouragement. When you encounter a new person or speak with a stranger, tell them you are rooting for them or share a story that will motivate them to work hard and overcome obstacles.

Hug someone

Science has demonstrated that a hug can transform a person’s existence. Endorphins are released into the brain’s reward pathways during a hug, resulting in an immediate sense of pleasure and well-being. So, give someone an embrace, demonstrate your concern, and be there for them if they require assistance or direction.

Listen to a companion or family member

When someone speaks, heed. Listening to the other individual when they are communicating with you is a form of communication. It demonstrates that you value their input and are willing to assist or support them. Be the person who others confide in and seek support from in times of difficulty.


The prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders focuses on addressing known risk factors, such as exposure to trauma, which influence the likelihood of children, adolescents, and young adults developing mental health problems.

Depending on the individual, mental health issues may be treated with medication, psychotherapy, or both.

Mental health issues are unrelated to laziness or weakness, and many individuals require assistance to recover.

Only 3 to 5 percent of violent acts are linked to persons with serious mental illness; the vast majority of those with mental illness are no more likely to act violently than others.

Three-quarters of all mental health disorders manifest before the age of 24, and fifty percent before the age of fourteen.


Year Date Day
2023 May 12 Friday
2024 May 12 Sunday
2025 May 12 Monday
2026 May 12 Tuesday
2027 May 12 Wednesday