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International Dot Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

International Dot Day is celebrated annually on September 15, and today we begin with a story about Vashti, the protagonist of Peter H. Reynolds’s “The Dot.”

The background of International Dot Day

On September 15, 2003, children’s book author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds published his book “The Dot.” In the narrative, Vashti felt unable to draw, but her art teacher refused to believe her. “Just make a mark, and see where it takes you,” the teacher said to Vashti. Consequently, she noted her parchment paper with a dot. The following day, Vashti was astonished to discover that her paper with the dot had been posted on the classroom wall. Vashti was so pleased with her work that she began to draw with various types of dots.

Eventually, Vashti was able to teach someone else the confidence lesson she had learned from her teacher. A dot may be small, but it is a potent method to express your uniqueness and creativity. This is the narrative that inspired the creation of International Dot Day.

The book “The Dot” has motivated millions of children and adults. Teachers use it to foster students’ creativity and imbue them with confidence. On September 15, 2009, one teacher in Iowa, Terry Shay, introduced the book to his entire class. This resulted in the annual observance of International Dot Day on September 15. Millions of educators and students around the world celebrate the free flow of originality and bravery. The influence of “The Dot” is so widespread that it is currently commemorated in 192 countries by over 19 million people!

In addition, there is a website called “The Dot Club” that provides complimentary downloads and printouts, such as an official certificate of participation.


Read “The Dot”

“The Dot,” by Peter H. Reynolds, is the book that began it all. Check out ‘the story of a child who begins a journey of self-discovery after a caring teacher challenges her to’make her mark.”

Donate art supplies to an institution

If you are able, your local school district may have an art programme that could use your assistance. Consider donating unused office supplies or other household items as “found art” that students could use for projects.

Create a painting or a poem.

Be original and make your impression! There is no better way to celebrate International Dot Day than by doing something artistic that reflects who you are and taps into your imagination. Even if you cannot afford art materials, you may have a computer programme that allows you to create digital art. Test it out!


Conformity stifles innovation because it induces pressure to maintain a particular method of doing things.

In a study relating creative expression to openness, those with the most receptive minds reported the highest levels of creativity.

Creative minds have superior strategies for overcoming life’s obstacles and are likely to become even more inventive as they age.

A disturbed and confused mind will hinder the creative process and reduce motivation.

This is largely subjective, but traits commonly associated with creative individuals include independence, self-orientation, and work ethic.


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