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National Braiders Day 2023: Date, History, How to Celebrate

The craft of braiding dates back tens of thousands of years. There are depictions of early humans in artwork that is 25,000 years old and features figures with plait.

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The eighth of August is National Braiders Day, a time for reflection, advocacy, education, and commemoration of the cultural significance of hair braiding and its practitioners. Hair braiding is a culturally significant practise with profound roots in many communities; it transcends the realm of fashion. Unfortunately, braiding and braiders are frequently not accorded the same regard as other cosmetology professionals and are encumbered by excessive regulation. National Braiders Day is sponsored by Ezbraid to honour the thousands of braiders across the nation for their skills, dedication, and contribution to our cultural heritage.

The background of National Braiders Day

The craft of braiding dates back tens of thousands of years. There are depictions of early humans in artwork that is 25,000 years old and features figures with plait. However, many believe that the Himba people of modern-day Namibia gave braiding cultural significance as early as 3500 BCE. Numerous cultures have contributed over millennia to the development and significance of hair braiding as well as the evolution of braiding patterns. Braids in the ancient world, and in some instances today, can indicate social status, ethnicity, religion, and other characteristics.

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National Braider’s Day was established in 2020 in order to provide a forum for braiders to raise awareness about significant issues affecting their community. Braiders are subject to overbearing occupational licencing requirements that can be debilitating and frequently cost braiders their jobs. Braiders are frequently viewed as inferior professionals by other cosmetological disciplines. Ezbraid began the day because they realised that braiding and the (predominantly female) braiders who do it deserve the same respect and opportunities as others, shining a well-deserved light on the profession and its historical influence on our culture.

Isis Brantley was detained in 1997 as part of an undercover operation for braiding hair without a cosmetology licence, despite the fact that braiders are not barbers. Brantley fought against the law for a decade before the Texas legislature exempted hair braiders from burdensome licencing requirements that had no bearing on their work.

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Seek out a hair braider.

The U.S. has a long history of professional hair braiders, but those who do it for a living have encountered professional and regulatory obstacles. Show your support by having a professional braid your hair.

Discover the origins of hair braiding

As one of the world’s most storied and diverse hairstyles, braiding transcends cultures and peoples and serves as a cultural touchstone for many individuals. Learn more about hair braiding to comprehend the significance of this hairstyle throughout history.

Help those attempting to enhance the system

In 13 states, hair braiders are still required to obtain a cosmetology licence, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Join a movement to reduce these burdensome regulations.


Year Date Day
2023 August 8 Tuesday
2024 August 8 Thursday
2025 August 8 Friday
2026 August 8 Saturday
2027 August 8 Sunday
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