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National Brown-Bag It Day 2023: Date, History, Details about Brown Paper Bags

National Brown-Bag It Day is annually celebrated on May 25. This day is dedicated to the unsung champion who provides us with so many benefits. Brown bags are commonly used in grocery stores as well as for packing and transporting meals to school or work. They are wonderful because not only do they save us money that we would have otherwise spent on lunch, but they also encourage us to pack healthy, home-cooked meals. They deserve an entire day dedicated to them.

The background of National Brown-Bag It Day

National Brown-Bag It Day is a relatively new holiday, with less than a decade of observance. It is unknown who created this day.

For many years, brown paper bags have been a part of our daily existence. We use them almost everywhere, whether knowingly or unknowingly, to pack lunches, transport groceries, create Halloween masks, and much more.

However, they had to be invented at some point for them to have entered our lives and improved it. Many innovators, including Francis Wolle, Margaret Knight, and Walter Deubener, have been credited with inventing the brown paper bag. These individuals endeavoured to make it the best version of itself, whether through design, functionality, or pricing modifications. As a result of their efforts, we now have an enduring product that is widely utilised throughout the nation and the globe.

People have been bringing their meals to school or work in reusable containers for some time. Nonetheless, the trend appears to have lessened due to people’s increasingly hectic schedules. Between 2012 and 2013, Americans spent an astounding $1,000 annually on lunch. Now, suppose that you brought your lunch from home. It would save you quite a bit of money and help you consume healthier because you could control the portions.

National Brown-Bag It Day is the ideal occasion to reintroduce brown bags and encourage people to use them more frequently. You will not regret this change in lifestyle.

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5 vital details about brown paper bags

Unlike plastic bags, paper bags are produced from trees, making them a renewable resource.

A paper bag can decompose in a month, whereas plastic bags require 10 to 100 years to decompose.

Producing paper bags requires less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Paper bags can be utilised at home for a variety of purposes, including food storage.

Paper bags are optimal for composting because they can contain food scraps.


Year Date Day
2023 May 25 Thursday
2024 May 25 Saturday
2025 May 25 Sunday
2026 May 25 Monday
2027 May 25 Tuesday