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National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Hairstylist

Hairstylists provide more than just a trim or colour; they also lend a sympathetic ear to their clients as they discuss their problems. National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day on May 27 ensures that hairstylists are heard and have a secure space to discuss their problems, similar to the space they so frequently provide for others. The holiday was created by Booksy, an app that helps tens of thousands of beauty and health service providers grow their businesses, to raise awareness of how much hairstylists have to deal with on a daily basis and the importance of allowing them to discuss their problems.

The background of National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day

Customers share their personal struggles with their hairstylists on a regular basis. A researcher frequently cited stated that hairstylists are “without a doubt, frequently and gravely cast in the role of interpersonal helpers. The personal issues they hear about are nearly as variegated as those dealt with by mental health professionals. As our comprehension of mental health has evolved, health professionals have recently begun to recognise the potential offered by the unique relationship between hairstylists and their clients. Some nations now provide hairstylists with specialised training so they can assist clients who they believe may be struggling with their mental health.

Booksy is very familiar with the therapist-like function that hairstylists assume as a result of their mission to assist service providers, such as hairstylists, in expanding their businesses. Knowing how hard these hair professionals work and how much emotional energy they invest in their clients, Booksy desired to provide them with a forum to discuss their own issues. With this in mind, Booksy established National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day in 2021. The holiday provides hairstylists with an opportunity to focus on their own mental health. Working with so many clients in such a close environment can put strain on hairstylists to always be at their best. This holiday recognises that having an occasional day off is acceptable and, in fact, perfectly normal.

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In any given year, approximately one in five hairstylists will experience an anxiety disorder.

About 91% of hairstylists in the United States are female, making this a very female-dominated field.

There are approximately 77,000 salons and 707,000 individuals employed as hairstylists in the United States.

The average cosmetologist sees 12 clients per day, which translates to a great deal of time spent standing!

Seven weeks is the average interval between appointments to the hairstylist.


Year Date Day
2023 May 27 Saturday
2024 May 27 Monday
2025 May 27 Tuesday
2026 May 27 Wednesday
2027 May 27 Thursday