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National Meow Like a Pirate Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Since 1995, September 19 has been known as Talk Like a Pirate Day, but in 2015, National Meow Like a Pirate Day was co-celebrated alongside it. Due to the fact that pirates are rarely seen without a cat or two (or ten) to keep rodents at bay on their man-o’-war, it is only appropriate that they be included in today’s festivities. Don’t fail to share your loot with the ship’s cat while you’re acting like a sailor, drinking rum from the bottle, and disregarding social norms.

The background of National Meow Like a Pirate Day

Due to National Meow Day Every September 19, Like a Pirate Day, cats now have a fantastic opportunity to exercise their sea claws and set sail. Although meowing like a pirate may not make sense at first, there is historical precedent for the association.

Long considered creatures of either good or evil luck, cats frequently accompanied pirates on the high seas. The sailors viewed them as lucky charms that could ward off evil entities (and rats, of course). It is rumoured that many pirates were unable to swim. Pirates may not be the most water-friendly companions. Thus, cats are as qualified as any other pirate to don a crossbow cap and sail beyond the tide.

The enigmatic and independent nature of cats makes them the ideal companion for a pirate ship. When it came to the vocation of piracy, captains and their buccaneers had no time to ponder the whereabouts of the ship cat as they pillaged victim clippers. The independent nature of cats makes them desirable as companions even today.

The predatory natures of both pirates and cats, which rely on the element of surprise to assault their foes, are another reason for their compatibility. Therefore, it makes sense to have a day that honours both the prowess of cats and the swashbuckling manner of pirates simultaneously.

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Enjoy Dress-Up

On September 19, you are permitted to outfit your cat as Captain Jack Sparrow and share the photo on social media for everyone to see. Create homemade hook hands, eyepatch masks, and peg legs, keeping your cat’s safety in mind, and have a short photo shoot.

Host a Party

It’s not often that you can host a party with a theme as unique as today’s. Bring out the grog and catnip, and spend the evening bemoaning the landlubbers in a cat-like manner.

Acquire a Cat

The true value of the day is bringing attention to pet and cat proliferation. You can provide a warm, dry, and comfortable home for a cat, whereas legendary pirates may not have been as eager to do so. Search your local shelters for more information.

5 Guidelines for Speaking or Meowing Like a Pirate

Start by learning key pirate phrases; incorporate phrases such as “Avast ye” and “All hands on deck” into your everyday speech.

Cats may require some enticement to completely participate (for at least 20 seconds); catnip should be included in the treasure chest.

A few slurs will give you sea-cred (and shield you if you didn’t do #1).

Growling, eye-rolling, and exaggerated laughter are just as essential as the words themselves; is “argh” even a word?

Combine your exaggerated laughter with chaotic hand movements; bonus points if you’re holding a sword.


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