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Professional Speakers Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

The 7th of August is Professional Speakers Day. It is a day set aside to honour the professional speakers of the globe who engage in public speaking.

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Every year, Professional Speakers Day is observed on August 7. This day is a celebration of all individuals who speak in front of an audience. These individuals discuss a variety of topics to inform, educate, persuade, and encourage others to take action regarding issues that are important to them. Professional speakers have a significant impact on the lives of their audiences. Whether the aim of the speaker is education, persuasion, or entertainment, they all have an impact on the audience. Professional public presenters engage in oration, also known as public speaking. They address various types of audiences live on stage or through prerecorded recordings.

The background of Professional Speakers Day

The 7th of August is Professional Speakers Day. It is a day set aside to honour the professional speakers of the globe who engage in public speaking.
Professional public presenters have various objectives for their speeches. They may want to inform people about something, persuade them to do something, or entertain them by discussing an intriguing topic. The world’s greatest public speakers always leave an impression on their audiences. People listen to speeches to gain new knowledge or to find methods to improve their own lives.

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In ancient Greece and Rome, public speaking was an integral component of rhetoric — the art of persuasion. Today’s public presenters seek not only to persuade, but also to educate and entertain their audiences. Regardless of the type of speech, all speakers want their audiences to act in some manner, either by incorporating the information they have gained or by taking action based on what they have learned.

In the history of professional speakers, there is evidence that speeches were delivered in Egypt, but the earliest records of the norms and principles of public speaking used by professionals date to Ancient Greece. In a society where people spoke for themselves rather than through advocates, every individual was required to acquire the rules and techniques of professional speaking. When the Romans seized control, they adopted the Greek method of teaching public speaking and expanded it into a comprehensive curriculum. They included instruction in grammar, warm-up exercises, and public speaking.

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Activities associated with Professional Speakers Day

Take a course in public speaking.

Improve your oratory skills and learn how to communicate your ideas more effectively through a class for professional speakers.

Consider a professional speaker.

Choose a topic of your choosing and locate a professional speaker to listen to, and prepare to have your existence altered!

Read about outstanding orators

From Martin Luther King Jr. to Frances Wright, there are many influential professional speakers in the United States, from whom we can all learn much.


Confucius is widely recognised as a philosopher and politician, but he was also a public speaking scholar.

Plato founded The Academy and Aristotle founded the Lyceum to teach students the norms of professional and public speaking in Ancient Greece.

This famous book by Aristotle is one of the foundations of all professional speaking, and contemporary speakers still refer to it.

As one of the first African-American female professional speakers in the United States, Maria W. Stewart broke many barriers.

The dread of public speaking, also known as glossophobia, is one of the most prevalent fears among individuals.


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