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Alexandra Jarvis Husband: Who is He? Discovering Her Love Story With Her Better Half!

Alexandra Jarvis’s husband: Alexandra Jarvis is a successful but private woman. Because of this, her husband Sergio Ducoulombier is mostly unknown to the general public. Despite the fact that she is married, she has kept most of her private affairs private.

The majority of people are likely more aware of her professional successes and contributions in any number of professions, including business, philanthropy, and other areas of competence. It’s crucial to respect her privacy and concentrate on her accomplishments rather than probing into her personal life because she might prefer to keep it quiet. Let’s discovering her Love Story with her Better Half!

Alexandra Jarvis Husband

Sergio Ducoulombier, the CEO of Slip Cash, and Alexandra Jarvis are happily wed. After the couple got engaged on December 25, 2020, the realtor joyfully shared the fantastic news on her social media accounts.

Sergio and Alexandra will mark their third anniversary of dating on June 14, 2022. The two were thrilled to rejoice in Sergio’s birthday a few days later. Season 2 of the Netflix series revealed that Alexandra and Sergio did ultimately elope after being engaged for more than two years.

On April 14, 2023, Alexandra and Sergio exchanged vows in Villa del Balbianello, a charming locale in Italy with a stunning view of Lake Como.

Jarvis told People in a statement, “So we decided let’s the two of us go to Italy. We’ve been before, and it’s actually where I told him I loved him. He had already told me he loved me, but I held back for a little while.”

Since getting married, Alexandra has changed her name to Alexandra Jarvis Ducoulombier. The honeymoon was spent in Milan, Italy. Sergio made a brief appearance in the Netflix series “Selling the OC.”

He went with Alexandra to the gambling night that her coworker Gio hosted in season 1. Even though he only appeared for a short while, it gave the audience much-needed access to the realtor’s personal life.

There have been a number of problems in season 2 of the programme as a result of numerous cast members not feeling that this relationship was as genuine as the pair may like the public to believe.

We wish Alexandra and Sergio well in their approaching marriage despite what some people have stated; their relationship seems to be flourishing regularly.

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Sergio Ducoulombier: Who is He?

Sergio is 46 years old. At Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como in Italy, the millionaire married the 32-year-old luxury real estate agent in a secret ceremony. Selling The OC Agents criticised Jarvis for his frequent engagements and marriages.

She clarified in a talking head that Sergio was her third marriage after being married twice and been engaged three times. She said, chuckling, “Third time’s the charm.”

Alexandra Jarvis Husband: Who is He? Discovering Her Love Story With Her Better Half!

Alexandra Jarvis with husband Sergio Ducoulombier.

Owner of a patent and the CEO of Slip Cash, Inc. His mobile startup wants to make cashless transactions possible everywhere. Sergio describes the goal of the company as “Digitizing the last sector where cash is still king: the world of in-person peer-to-peer and small to large business merchant transactions.”

The business expanded as Venmo users looked for Zelle alternatives. While Slip Cash develops in popularity, Sergio’s wealth increases. @sergioducoulombier is Sergio’s Instagram handle, although it is private. His Instagram went public in 2022 and served as a sort of Alexandra Jarvis fan community.

His love for his future wife was evident in his pride and commitment to her. The entrepreneur turned his Instagram private, either in light of the popularity of Selling The OC or in an effort to keep their wedding private. Many pictures of Jarvis and Sergio can be found on her Instagram page, @thealexandrajarvis.

The first few months of Sergio and Alexandra’s marriage appear to be going well, based on Jarvis’ social media posts and the inclusion of Sergio’s last name to her bio. Selling Since The OC season 2 was filmed before their wedding, not much was shown about their union. Season 3 might provide more details regarding their union.

Background of Alexandra Jarvis

Alexandra Jarvis, a native of Alabama, turns one. The realtor received a summa cum laude from Auburn University in Spanish and International Business.

She later earned her law degree with honours from UC Irvine.

Then Alexandria handled commercial and labour disputes on behalf of a business in Newport Beach. She gained skills from her work as an attorney that would help her as a real estate agent. In her first year of selling real estate in Orange County, Alexandra closed deals totaling $40 million.

Alexandra appears to be a model, real estate agent, and lawyer. In her spare time, the reality star likes to cook with her spouse. The lawyer seems to prefer water above all other drinks, despite her love of gatherings.

She asserts to be a water sommelier who can distinguish between brands based on flavour. She also enjoys taking leisurely hikes along California’s coastline.

During the first season of “Selling the OC,” Alexandra and Alexandra Rose were great friends, but by the second season, their friendship had deteriorated.

Gio Helou is also popular with Alexandra, but not Polly Brindle, who despises the native of Alabama. The show’s intriguing conflicts have all been caused by the same mysterious factors.