By | 29 Jul 2022 at 4:08 PM
Dhanbad: BSS Women’s College students take out awareness rally against plastic use

Hundreds of Bharat Sevak Samaj Women’s College students on Friday vowed to never use plastic bags and took out a rally in the coal city for awareness of people as well as traders’ community for the implementation of government order on single-use plastic bags in the interest of general health and environment.

The awareness rally was taken out from Luby Circular Road-based college campus which reached Randhir Verma Chowk near Court More and returned to the institution. The principal of the college Dr Karuna after administrating oath to students flagged-off the rally and shed light on the importance of the complete ban on single-use plastic.

Besides students, senior members of different faculties of the college including Dr  Meena Sharma, head of the department of political science, Prof AK Choudhary (Mathematics), and Dr K Sharma (economics) also participated and monitored the awareness rally of the students.

Dr Dilip Kumar Sinha (NCC project head of the college) who was coordinating the rally said that the students made people aware of the negative impact of single plastic use on health as well as the environment.

“The students who were carrying placards and posters written with ‘ Say to No Plastic’, visited several vendors stand, Gumti shops which came on their way of the rally and convinced them do not use plastic bags for the sake of safe health and clean environment,” said Dr Dilip Kumar Sinha.

Prof Sinha said the students Sweta Kumari Chouhan, Sweta Kumari and  Neha Kumari, who were leading the awareness rally took a verbal undertaking from the vendors and shop owners for not to use plastic bags in future.

“The girls advised them to use a paper bag in place of banned plastic and to only use plastic that is permitted by the government,” said Prof Sinha.