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Gavis Ear

Gavis Ear: Find out how Gavi was injured during a soccer game, received assistance from doctors on the field, and then displayed remarkable resolve by returning to play.

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How Did Gavi Lose His Ear?

Gavi was injured during a soccer competition when he collided with Ruben Garcia. His ear was in excruciating pain, and the game had to be stopped so physicians could assist him. On the field, they had to apply staples to his ear to stop the haemorrhaging.

Even though it was excruciating, Gavi was incredibly resilient and returned to playing without any major issues. This showed how dedicated he is to his team and the game, and it demonstrates he’s a true athlete.

Gavi grew up in Los Palacios y Villafranca, Andalusia, Spain, and from a tender age he enjoyed playing football. In 2010, he began playing for the local club La Liara Balompié. He spent two years there improving his soccer skills and preparing for a vocation in football.

Then, he moved to the youth academy of Real Betis, which is an excellent location to learn soccer. During his time there, he scored 95 goals, demonstrating his extraordinary aptitude and dedication to the sport.

Gavi’s Path from Childhood to Barcelona’s Team

Gavis Ear: Gavi’s soccer career continued to improve in 2020, when he signed his first professional contract with Barcelona. Initially, he played for the younger sides of Barcelona, beginning with the under-16s and progressing to the under-19s. He continued to get better and better.

Early in 2021, he was given the opportunity to play for Barcelona B, for whom he performed exceptionally well. However, this was only the beginning. Gavi’s commitment and talent earned him a position on Barcelona’s first team for the 2021-2022 season.

During that season, his outstanding performance greatly aided the team and wowed everyone. In 2021, he scored his first goal for Barcelona, demonstrating that he’s becoming a big star in the world of football. People are extremely interested in what he will do next in his career.