By | 26 Feb 2023 at 12:37 PM
Natalie Nunn wins celebrity boxing match against Tommie Lee

On Saturday night in London, Natalie Nunn defeated her opponent Tommie Lee in a ludicrous boxing match. In the latest chapter of their long-running feud, the reality TV stars squared off at the O2 Arena. Nunn dominated the game from start to finish.

On occasion, despite sprinting to the ring, Lee did not even attempt to defend herself. That was the best portion of the performance before it fell apart completely.

Nunn came out swinging at the opening bell and landed a right hand on the button, knocking out her opponent. The week leading up to the fight, tensions between the two had been rising steadily.

On Monday, a fight broke out during the press conference, resulting in Lee being escorted out of the room and the need to separate the parties.

Lee left the press conference on Wednesday when Nunn was asked how the two could be both friends and enemies, prompting Nunn to call out her opponent. However, Nunn was superior to her reality television competitor. During the break between the first and second rounds, Lee either fell to the ground or chose to lie down on the mat.

When the referee threatened to disqualify Lee because her corner did not leave the ring between rounds, the audience jeered. The referee stopped the second round of the fight early.

Lee will be embarrassed after promising to end the conflict amicably. The celebrity has over five million social media followers, but her boxing debut left her red-faced.

The lack of spectators in the arena overshadowed the event. In London, the upper tier of the 20,000-seat area remained closed, and there were vast swaths of empty seats elsewhere.

Floyd Mayweather and Aaron Chalmers competed in an eight-round main event. It was the sixth exhibition bout for the boxing legend, and the third was not scored.