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Jeff Baugh Cause of Death

Jeff Baugh Cause of Death: Jeff Baugh, a longtime airborne traffic reporter for KFWB, KNX, and KFI who guided Southern California motorists through countless sig alerts, motorway delays, and large brush fires, passed away on Tuesday evening.

Baugh was a KFI employee at the time of his death. In 1986, he began reporting for KFWB. According to the former programme director Andy Ludlum, Baugh was KFWB’s “secret weapon” and an integral part of its news coverage.

Jeff Baugh Cause of Death

From 2008 to 2017, Baugh worked for KNX News, and many of his former colleagues still hold fond memories of him. Reporter Pete Demetriou recalled Baugh’s “encyclopaedic knowledge” of the transit system.

Jennifer York, the traffic correspondent on “LA’s Morning News,” described Baugh as a “warm embrace.” She recalled that whenever she was grounded while travelling for Channel Five, he would give her an embrace and share doughnuts with her at the airport. Former KNX programme director David G. Hall stated that Baugh was dedicated to his work.

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“Every time he entered the building, he would find a way or make time to come to my office and inquire about what he needed to change,” he claimed. “What succeeded and what failed. He was always searching for methods to enhance his performance and identify new, seemingly insignificant information. If you will, Jeff’s second existence consisted of traffic reporting.

Baugh led a second existence as a vehicle enthusiast who, in Burt’s words, was “inspirational” when maintaining vehicles. He was a veteran of the Vietnam War, an NHRA drag racing enthusiast, and a Marine. In addition, he is a co-author of the book “Stick With Us, And We’ll Get You There: How To Get Where You Want To Be On The Road And In Life.”

In addition, Jeff Baugh was a DJ at Studio 54 and knew Rick James personally. Burt asserts that Baugh mentioned his participation on the disco tune “Born to Be Alive.”

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