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Tabitha Brown Net Worth: All you need to know about her Beginnings and Lifestyle

Tabitha Brown was born and raised in North Carolina. She first went to the Miami International University of Art & Design to study fashion design.

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Tabitha Brown Net Worth: The charismatic vegan cook and social media star Tabitha Brown has had an amazing journey from her humble beginnings as an Uber driver to becoming a famous person with a net worth of $4 million.

Tabitha Brown Net Worth: Growth

Tabitha Brown’s rise to fame took a strange turn in December 2017 when her YouTube video praising a Whole Foods veggie BLT went viral. It was hard for her to make ends meet at the time because she was also an Uber driver. She had no idea that her movie would get 50,000 views in one night, which would lead to a job change that would change her life.

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Tabitha Brown has an amazing net worth of $4 million, which she has accumulated through her work as an actor, vegan activist, and social media star who has been nominated for an Emmy. She has built a strong fan group with 5 million TikTok followers, over 4 million Instagram followers, and almost 1 million YouTube users.

Whole Foods saw Tabitha Brown’s promise after her BLT review went viral and signed her as a brand ambassador for the veggie sandwich and a plant-based lifestyle. This project not only put her in the spotlight, but it also meant the end of her time as an Uber driver.

Tabitha Brown Wants to Be in Hollywood

Tabitha Brown was born and raised in North Carolina. She first went to the Miami International University of Art & Design to study fashion design. But her love of acting put her at a crossroads, which led her to move back to North Carolina and work as a co-host on a local late-night show. Even though Hollywood was hard for her, she kept going and got small parts from 2004 to 2016.

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Tabitha Brown Lives a Vegan Life

Brown switched to a vegan diet in 2017 because her daughter Choyce told her to. This helped her deal with constant pain. After starting a vegan challenge, she felt a lot better in just 10 days, and her headaches went away. In the past six years, her decision to live a vegan lifestyle has not only improved her health but also become an important part of who she is.

Tabitha Brown is proficient in more than one area, including cooking, singing, and now designing clothes. As of May 2022, Target had a Tabitha Brown line with clothes, vegan food, and cooking items. The collection got so much praise that, in May 2023, an exclusive Tabitha Brown Target collection came out. It had cheap items for outdoor parties that started as low as $3.


Tabitha Brown’s net worth doesn’t just show how much money she has; it also shows how strong she is, how real she is, and how living a vegan lifestyle has changed her. She went from a random YouTube video to a successful relationship with Whole Foods and a fashion project with Target. Her story shows how important it is to follow your dreams and be passionate about what you’re doing.

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