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What Happened To Jeff On Unsellable Houses Who is Jeff Laurence

What Happened To Jeff On Unsellable Houses: Unsellable Houses is an American HGTV reality program. Unsellable Houses is one of the many HGTV reality programs about real estate and home improvement. Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb play twin sisters who assist homeowners in selling their conventional properties by making the necessary repairs.

On the program, they make lifeless houses marketable. While the twin sisters’ staff is assigned to various duties, Jeff Lawrence is in charge of the renovation. Jeff Lawrence possesses JL Remodeling as well. Fans were left wondering what happened to Jeff on unsellable houses after he disappeared in the fourth episode of Season 2 of the program.

What Happened to Jeff with the Unsellable Houses?



HGTV premiered the second season of Unsellable Houses on March 30, 2021. Following the airing of each episode, the official Instagram page of the program began hosting Ask Me Anything sessions. Jeff, who was absent from the fourth episode, was inquired about by a viewer.

“Oh, I do have a query. What was Jeff doing? The viewer composed a text. The page featured a photograph of Jeff with the caption “This Guy!!! He was absent for several weeks. He will return with his incredible JR Modeling team. They are our go-to group.”

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Who is Jeff Laurence?

Jeff is the contractor frequently seen on the HGTV series Unsellable Houses. In 2001, he founded JL Remodeling, which he owns. The company offers a variety of remodeling services, from kitchen and bathroom remodels to community initiatives.

The show’s home contractor collaborates with Lyndsay and Leslie to revitalize old properties. Jeff was born in Edmonds and now lives with his wife Kelli and four children in Mill Creek.

Jeff spends his leisure time with his family and friends, playing soccer, one of his 39-year passions, or serving in missions with his church and around the globe.

Audiences Raise Concerns About Jeff’s Absence

Since supporters have missed him while he has been absent, it is evident that Jeff’s presence is valued.

“I adore the program and eagerly anticipate each new episode. But where is employee Jeff?” a viewer commented.

“Love the new season. Where is Jeff located? I miss him appearing on the program.”