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Who is Scott Adams: Dilbert dropped by newspapers over creator’s racist remark

Who is Scott Adams: Several newspapers across the United States are removing the “Dilbert” comic strip after creator Scott Adams said last week that white people should “get the f— away” from Black people.

The largest newspaper publisher in the United States, Gannett, has announced it will no longer publish the workplace comic “effective immediately.”

“Recently made discriminatory remarks by the creator, Scott Adams, have influenced our decision to cease publishing his comic. While we respect and support free speech, his views do not align with our editorial or business values,” the USA Today Network said in a statement to The New York Post on Saturday.

“At Gannett, we strive to maintain a respectful and equitable environment for the diverse communities we serve across the nation.”

Adams reacted to the move against Dilbert in the most recent episode of his podcast, which was published on Friday: “Was it something I said?”

Adams says in the introduction, “There has never been a better time to live.” “Has anyone recently noticed anything in the news about me?”

Adams, in response to his name trending on Twitter, exclaimed, “Oh no, my enemies are sending me a great deal of energy.” Oh no, what am I going to do with all this attention?

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Who is Scott Adams?

Scott Adams was born in Windham, New York in 1957. He is Paul and Virginia Adams’ son. He also has English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, and Dutch ancestry, as well as a small amount of Native American ancestry.

Growing up, he was a fan of Peanuts comics and began drawing comics at age 6. At age 11, he won a drawing competition. In 1975, Adams graduated from Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central School as valedictorian.

He is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip and the author of several satire, commentary, and business nonfiction works. He rose to prominence during the 1990s recession in America.

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Adams married Shelly Miles in San Francisco Bay on July 22, 2006. The two had met at a Pleasanton, California, gym where Miles worked and Adams was a member. Adams was the stepfather to Savannah and Justin, Miles’ children. The couple separated in 2014.