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Top 5 Business Loan Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs in India

It’s not as simple as it seems to start a business. Finances are crucial to any firm. It is the foundation of any business. Some folks, nevertheless, might not initially have financial assistance. For this reason, folks who are eager to launch a firm are provided financing options.

Particularly, there are fewer women business owners than there are males in the nation. When women pitch in the concept of launching a business, very few of them receive financial support from their households. To address this issue, some banks have developed special loan programs for women who wish to launch their own enterprises and who are searching for financial help to grow their existing firms. Their major objective is to assist women in becoming financially independent and to assist women from all backgrounds in realizing their entrepreneurial aspirations.

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1. Women Entrepreneur Lending Program at Annapurna

For female company owners that operate sole proprietorships or partnerships, there is the Annapurna program. The primary driving force behind this initiative is to provide funding to female entrepreneurs so they may open catering businesses. The highest amount accessible to her under this multiple-term loan is INR 50,000.

With a grace period of one month, she may pay off the loan over the course of 36 monthly installments. The Online Her Business Of These Women Her loans may also be utilized as working capital to buy kitchen necessities for your grocery stores, such as kitchenware, water filters, and other products.
To guarantee this kind of loan, a guarantor is necessary. These loans’ interest rates are determined by the current interest rates. You must deposit assets with the bank as security for this loan. Mysore State Bank is lending money to this female company owner.

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2. Loan Program for Women Entrepreneurs: Street Shakti Package

Entrepreneurs who own 50% or less of a small business qualify for the Street Shakti Package. This loan is only available to female entrepreneurs who have taken part in the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) supported by government organizations.

This program offers all the assistance you require to launch your business. Only loans exceeding 2 racks are eligible for this scheme’s interest reduction of €0.50.

3. Lending Program for Women Entrepreneurs: Dena Shakti

The Dena Shakti initiative from Dena Bank has supported female-owned enterprises by providing a variety of financial services. With the help of this program, you are able to obtain a loan with a 0.25% interest rate decrease.

Through this program, women working in manufacturing, agriculture, and allied fields can get business loans. Additionally, these online loans with affordable terms and low-interest rates are available to small enterprises, microloans, and company owners of retail outlets. The creation of small businesses, commercial ventures, and agricultural endeavors will be funded by this loan. Retailers and other female entrepreneurs can also apply for this financing.

4. Loan Program for Women Entrepreneurs: Cent Kalyani

The Central Bank of India provides this initiative for female entrepreneurs. The initiative offers female entrepreneurs enough financial assistance to launch new firms.

New and seasoned company owners, independent contractors, and the self-employed can all apply for loans from Cent Kalyani. These loans for women-owned businesses are also accessible to small company owners, shopkeepers, female farmers, and other agricultural entrepreneurs, as well as cottage and village industries.

5. Bhartiya Mahila Bank

The Bharatiya Mahila Bank encourages female business owners. This organization offers a variety of popular business loan solutions for women, including microloans, SME loans, personal loans, and house loans.

By mortgaging properties, a person can use this plan to obtain a loan sum of up to 20 Crores.