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All Upcoming Apple Products 2024: List of exciting products

Apple's 2024 product lineup includes a switch from Intel to Mac CPUs, the Apple Watch Ultra, a new iPhone Plus model, and the Vision Pro category.

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All Upcoming Apple Products 2024: Apple’s product lineup underwent a significant makeover. This involves switching from Intel to Mac CPUs, introducing the powerful Apple Watch Ultra, expanding the iPhone lineup with a new Plus model, and soon launching a new product category dubbed Vision Pro.

This article examines forecasts for the release of new Apple products through 2024 and beyond. Here’s some information gleaned from patterns and rumours to help set these expectations. It is expected that similar improvements will occur in 2024 given the absence of updates for iPad, MacBook Air, and Mac mini models in 2023. The anticipated releases of Macs, iPads, iPhones, and maybe new items are described in the parts that follow.

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All Upcoming Apple Products 2024

The New Macs

Updates for the Mac mini with M3 and M3 Pro CPUs are expected in the spring of 2024, after the switch to Apple silicon chips for all Macs. Around that time, a MacBook Air with M3 may also be introduced. A possible autumn 2024 or early 2025 release date for the iMac Pro with M3 Pro is also mentioned in rumours.

New iPads

It is anticipated that upgrades for the iPad mini and iPad Air would be released either in autumn 2023 or spring 2024, given that there were no updates for the iPad in 2023. Furthermore, there are reports indicating that a 14-inch iPad Pro may be unveiled in 2024’s spring.

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All Upcoming Apple Products 2024: New iPhone models

Fans shouldn’t expect any new iPhone models until September 2024, according to rumours. There’s a good chance the iPhone 16 will be released in that month. There is, however, significant doubt as to whether an iPhone SE will be released before to this deadline.

Upcoming Apple Products: New AirPods

Spring 2024 is when an upgrade for the AirPods Max—which do not yet enable lossless audio—is expected. The $99 AirPods Lite are another subject of rumours, and it’s unclear if they will be available by the end of 2023.

New Apple Watch

September 2024 is anticipated to see the release of the third-generation Apple Watch Ultra and the Apple Watch Series 10, both of which will sport the new S10 processor. Also regarded as conceivable is a third-generation Apple Watch SE.

There are rumours that Apple is developing new product lines, such as the mixed reality headgear called Vision Pro, which will be unveiled at WWDC in June 2023. Although Apple stated that it will launch in “early 2024,” it is still unclear if it would achieve its own timetables.

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