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How to fix Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working

How to Fix Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working: Unwanted e-mails are a waste and are commonly referred to as Spam. This spam need not remain in your inbox. Instead, use Outlook’s Junk E-mail Filter. The Hotmail spam filter assists in locating unsolicited messages and moving them to the Junk E-mail folder. However, occasionally the issue occurs, i.e. Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working. What should one do in this situation?

In this guide, we will explain what a Hotmail Spam Filter is, why Hotmail Spam is not responding, and how to alter the Hotmail protection level to resolve the issue. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Why does the Hotmail spam filter, not function? How to restore Hotmail’s broken spam filter?

If your Hotmail is configured to not automatically filter spam, the Hotmail Spam Filter won’t work. Consider adjusting the protection level to High, which will capture spam more effectively.

The following are additional factors why the Hotmail spam filter is not operating properly:

  • Incorrect filter settings – Ensure that the settings for Hotmail’s spam filter are configured appropriately. If not, legitimate emails may be sent to the spam folder, or spam may be retained in your inbox.
  • Daily Reception and Storage of Numerous Emails – Hotmail’s spam filter may need to be adjusted for users who receive and store a large number of emails each day. The inbox is unable to keep up with the volume of incoming communications and becomes overwhelmed. Attempt to empty your spam folder so that only valid emails are stored.
  • Insufficient Data Storage – Hotmail’s spam filter functions optimally when the filter is trained; therefore, if you lack space, the Spam Filter Not Working issue occurs. Don’t forget that Hotmail employs machine learning algorithms to identify spam emails. And if there are not enough emails to properly train the filter, consider marking emails as “not junk” or “junk.”
  • Unformatted Email – The most effective emails are those that are properly formatted. Unformatted email may not be able to effectively filter spam because it cannot determine whether the email is Spam.
  • Technical Difficulties – Occasionally, technical glitches cause issues with Hotmail’s garbage filter system. Technical flaws lead to server problems or software defects.

How Can I Repair My Hotmail, Spam Filter?

Now that you have encountered issues with the Hotmail Junk Filter not operating properly, you must take the necessary measures to resolve the issue. Changing the level of protection in Hotmail’s Junk Email Filter is the easiest way to accomplish this.

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Modifying the Level of Spam Email Protection

The default level of protection for the Junk Email Filter is “No Automatic Filtering.” The filter can be made more aggressive to capture more spam messages.

Click Home, then navigate to the ‘Delete group’ page.

Navigate to ‘Junk’ and locate ‘Junk E-mail Options.’

In the option for spam e-mail, you must select the desired level of protection. There are a total of four phases, as detailed below:

No Automatic Filtering: Here, the Junk Email Filter is not automatically filtered. However, the messages remain and are filtered by the domain names and email addresses listed in the user’s Blocked Senders List.
Users who wish to filter spam mail can select this option.
With the high level of protection, users will no longer receive numerous spam messages. Keep in mind that this level does not restrict communications from senders on your safe list.
Only ‘Safe Lists’: The final and most restrictive option is known as Safe Lists Only. Messages sent on behalf of someone who is not on your Safe Senders List or Safe Recipients List will be marked as spam.

Alternative Solutions to Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working

Train Junk Filter – This is an error if your Hotmail account has stored too much Spam, which includes legitimate emails. This error can be resolved by training the garbage file. Just designate emails as “not junk” or “junk” as necessary. This straightforward method will familiarise the Hotmail Spam Filter with your preferences.
Clear Junk Folder – A trash folder that is overflowing will likely hinder the optimal operation of the junk filter. You can empty the garbage folder and re-examine it to determine whether the filter is operating optimally.
Disable Third-Party Email Filters – If you use third-party email filters, disable their use. Temporarily disabling these applications will resolve the issue with Hotmail’s junk filter not functioning.

A Summary of Hotmail

1997 saw the introduction of Hotmail, a free email service. Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith are Hotmail’s proprietors. This web-based email service allows users to transmit and receive emails from any location in the world. Other Hotmail features include spam filtering, junk email deletion, virus detection, and email account integration.

Now, users of Hotmail frequently encounter issues with the Hotmail Spam Filter ‘not functioning.’ In such cases, the extent of spam email protection can be altered. Users can even attempt to delete unwanted emails to automatically resolve minor issues.

How do I delete all potential spam messages?

Follow the methods provided to delete spam emails without difficulty.

  • Go to Email and select Home.
  • Proceed to the Junk Email Options page.
  • Check the box next to Permanently delete suspected spam email.