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World Information Society Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Technology

iOS 17 New Features:Apple recently unveiled iOS 17 at the WWDC keynote and shortly thereafter released the first developer beta. The official public release of iOS 17 is imminent, and the iPhone 15 event is scheduled for September 12.

iOS 17 provides iPhone consumers with several exciting upgrades and modifications. The new StandBy smart display mode, which enhances the user experience by displaying pertinent information when the device is inactive, is one of the standout features. Messages will also gain new features, such as Live Voicemail and Contact Posters. Additionally, iOS 17 new features have been improved, and AirPods Pro 2 will receive significant enhancements.

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If you cannot wait for the official release, you have the option of installing the reliable public beta. However, those who prefer to wait for the finalised version will likely have to do so until the week of September 18.

Previous iOS releases provide context for Apple’s typical release schedule. Historically, the main update is released 6 to 9 days after the iPhone event. iOS 16 was released on September 16, 2022, iOS 15 was published on September 20, 2021, iOS 14 was released on September 16, 2020, and iOS 13 was released on September 19, 2019.

In general, the iOS 17 release date is approaching. Whether you choose to run the beta or wait for the official public release, exciting new features and enhancements await.