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National Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Google Day is observed on September 15. What better way to learn about the original parent company than to celebrate with us here at National Today? Google plays a major role in our existence. Google began as a search engine but is now a multinational technology corporation that provides a variety of services. The term ‘Google’ has evolved into a verb. It is baffling to see how this search engine has grown and become ingrained in our lives.

The background of National Day

Google’s history began in January 1996. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both Stanford University Ph.D. candidates, initiated a research initiative to develop a superior search engine. They devised an algorithm called PageRank, which analysed relationships between websites; it determined their relevance based on the number of links to other sites.

When the search engine was initially created, one of its early names was “BackRub.” This name was changed to Google, which is a corruption of the term ‘Googol,’ which refers to the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. This was selected because Google provides a wealth of information and exemplifies the limitless nature of online content.

On 15 September 1997, Page and Brin registered the domain name “” In 1998, after securing funding from investors, Page and Brin incorporated their company in a room annexed to a friend’s garage in Menlo Park, California. By December 1999, Google was in beta mode, answering approximately 10,000 daily search queries.

Google relocated its headquarters to what is now known as Googleplex in 2003. This property was originally a 40-acre campus in Mountain View, California. They acquired several structures on the property and gave them informal names over time. There were no cubicles on the campus, and spheres were used as seating.

In 2006, Merriam-Webster added the word ‘Google’ to its Collegiate Dictionary, defining it as “to use the Google search engine to obtain information from the Internet.” The company began as a search engine but now offers numerous additional services. In 2015, the corporation restructured and changed its name to Alphabet Inc., with Google becoming its largest subsidiary.

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Activities commemorating National Day

Learn more about the history of Google

You can learn more about Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s search engine creation. Analyse how its partnerships with other companies, such as YouTube and Android, have contributed to its growth over the years.

Visit Google and discover new information

National Day is a perfect opportunity to visit Google. It will enable you to discover something new about yourself, another person, or something interesting that could prove useful in the future.

Describe today’s events in your blog or journal.

Try writing in your blog or journal about your experiences with the search engine behemoth. You could also write about the next action you want them to take if they are listening.

5 Interesting Facts About Google

Sergey Brin was tasked with guiding Larry Page throughout the Stanford University campus.

Page and Brin devised the first Google Doodle in 1998 as an out-of-office message to inform users that they were attending the Burning Man festival.

In 2000, Google established its first New York City office in a Starbucks with one employee.

The company earned $27 billion due to its 19,6 million shares, each of which was worth $85 at the time.

The Google mail service was announced on April 1, 2004, in a witty announcement that was widely misinterpreted as a hoax.


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