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Redmi Smart Projector Lite Receives Bluetooth SIG Certification

Redmi's Redmi Smart Projector Lite, certified as a Bluetooth SIG device, is expected to share features with its predecessors, the Redmi Projector 2 and 2 Pro.

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Bluetooth SIG Certification: With its range of projectors, Redmi has been making waves in the home entertainment sector. The Redmi Smart Projector Lite is the newest model in their collection; it was just certified as a Bluetooth SIG device. While the exact features and cost have not yet been revealed, it is expected that new projector will share certain characteristics with its predecessors, the Redmi Projector 2 and 2 Pro.

Redmi Smart Projector Lite

With its remarkable specifications, the Redmi Projector 2 raises the bar for the Smart Projector Lite. With a resolution of 1080P, it has an impressive brightness of 180 ANSI lumens. Its 1:2:1 projection ratio and compatibility with displays up to 100 inches in size make it adaptable to a variety of environments, from rooms to bigger areas. By fostering an immersive atmosphere, the integrated speakers and WANOS China Atmos virtual sound field encoding technology improve the experience.

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The Redmi Smart Projector 2 is distinguished by its own AI correction system, which guarantees focus and zoom adjustments at startup. A further factor in the up to 10-year lifespan extension is the sealed proprietary optical engine and definition ultra clear lens. A wide range of connectivity options are available, allowing for connection with devices. These include USB 2.0 ports, HDMI ARC compatibility, and Bluetooth compatibility.

There are two colour options for the projector: sand. The Redmi Smart Projector 2 Pro goes one step further and establishes a new benchmark with its sealed self-polishing system, which increases light efficiency utilisation by 50% for even higher brightness. The Pro variant, which has received SGS certification, maintains a 1.2:1 throw ratio and up to 300 ANSI lumens of brightness while offering 1080P resolution.

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 Bluetooth SIG Certification

The Projector 2 Pro is designed with a strong metal front casing and an aspherical lens that has been specially made for better image quality. Fast and accurate picture changes are made possible by the integration of an AI clever algorithm with a professionally designed TOF laser sensor module. The automated correction eliminates the need for human modifications thanks to the six-axis gyroscope.

The Pro model has USB, HDMI, and audio jack connections for connectivity, giving users flexibility in connecting to a range of devices. The Amlogic T950D4 processor, which powers the projector, has 1.5GB+32GB of storage capacity. The audio quality is improved by the two integrated speakers and the WANOS China Atmos virtual sound field encoding technology. It comes in a stylish black colour and has IP5X protection as well.

Both projectors have an intuitive interface and extra features thanks to the Mijia APP, which is compatible with the MIUI TV smart system. The Redmi Projector 2 is now available for 1299 yuan (₹14,775 approx.), and the Redmi Projector 2 Pro is priced at 1699 yuan (₹19,325 approx.). The features and pricing of the Redmi Smart Projector Lite have not yet been released.

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