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Jean-Michel Basquiat Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Career, Family, Personal Life, Net Worth

When Basquiat was seven years old, he was struck by a car and sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured arm.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat Biography: American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat was born on December 22, 1960. He stood out due to his talent. He gained notoriety as a member of the graffiti duo SAMO and went on to accomplish a lot of success working alone.

Success for Basquiat occurred during the Neo-expressionist movement. Wealth and poverty, segregation and integration, as well as the inner and exterior experiences of life, were some of the many subjects he explored in his paintings. He combined poetry, social commentary, historical details, and abstract and figurative painting to produce a modern critique that received widespread praise. Here, we commemorate his wonderful day, which was very remarkable.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat Biography:

Early Life

The parents of Jean-Michel Basquiat were African American and Puerto Rican, and he was born in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Growing up in a Catholic home, Basquiat visited art institutions and eventually became a student at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. It was at St. Ann’s School that Basquiat first got to know Marc Prozzo. Together, they wrote and illustrated a children’s book by Basquiat and Prozzo. Following their divorce in 1968, Basquiat’s father took him to Puerto Rico in 1974 before bringing him back to Brooklyn two years later.


When Basquiat returned to New York, he ran into Al Diaz at City-As-School. As a joke, the two created SAMO. But the two quickly gained notoriety for their graffiti, and in 1978 “The Village Voice” published an article on them. Following his participation in the 1980 multi-artist exhibition at “The Times Square Show,” Basquiat sold Debbie Harry his debut painting, “Cadillac Moon,” for $200. He was the youngest artist to participate in the German art event, Documenta in Kassel, at the age of 27.

He then debuted a solo show in the East Village and held a one-man show in Zurich. Basquiat received an invitation to the “Whitney Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art” in 1983. By the time of his 1985 cover story in “New York Times Magazine,” Basquiat was making $1.4 million a year. Despite experiencing emotional instability and heavy drug use during his rise to fame, he was the youngest artist to exhibit more than 60 works of art at the Kestner-Gesellschaft organization in Hannover in 1986.

Personal Life

The value of Basquiat’s artwork started to rise when he overdosed on drugs in 1988. One of his 1982 pieces, “Untitled,” went for $110.5 million in 2017, making it the most expensive painting ever bought. Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn is where Basquiat was interred.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat Biography: Net Worth and Height


Jean-Michel Basquiat

Date of BirthDecember 22, 1960
Death AgeAugust 12, 1988 (age 27)
Zodiac signCapricorn
Height6′ 0″
Relationship Status
Net Worth$10 million
Social MediaFacebook

The Reasons We Adore him

He had talent.

The gift that was Basquiat was both a boon and a burden. He was a talented artist.

His work was incredible.

Basquiat’s enthralling artwork captivated people on an emotional level. He blended aspects of history, figuration, abstraction, painting, drawing, poetry, and modern critique. He was exceptionally intelligent.

His difficulties were understandable.

Many changed their lives as a result of Basquiat’s difficulties with drug usage. More people of color entered the arts as a result of his struggle with his identity as a successful African American artist in a predominantly white field.

5 facts About Him

He was a Madonna fan.

Madonna was once romantically involved with Basquiat.

A car struck him.

Basquiat suffered numerous wounds, including a fractured arm, when he was just seven years old.

He got kicked out.

Since Basquiat disregarded the principal, he was obliged to quit City-As-School.

He is multilingual

Basquiat was able to speak English, Spanish, and French with ease.

His mom was treated psychiatrically.

Shortly after divorcing his father, Basquiat’s mother was admitted to a mental health facility.

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