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Melanie Scrofano Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Career, Family, Personal Life, Net Worth

Scrofano speaks Italian, French, and English with ease.

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Melanie Scrofano Biography: Actress Melanie Scrofano was born in Canada on December 20, 1981. Her father is an engineer, while her mother works for the government. Scrofano is of Italian and French-Canadian descent.

Thirteen-year-old Scrofano started modeling. She accepted it when her agent started presenting her for acting roles. These days, Scrofano is a well-known director and actor. She is well-known for her roles in the 2019 comedic horror film “Known for Ready or Not,” in which she played Emilie, and in the 2009 comic horror film “Saw VI.” Jeff Pentecost and Scrafano were wed on July 14, 2006.

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Melanie Scrofano Biography:

Early Life

On December 20, 1981, Melanie Neige Scrofano was born in Ottawa, Ontario. Scrofano has made appearances in over 40 motion pictures and television programs. Among them are the films “Being Erica,” “Haven,” “Saw,” and “Warehouse 13.” Scrofano’s most well-known role is that of Tia Tremblay, a bad-girl biker from the History Channel series “Gangland,” in the movie “The Listener and Suzanna.”


Scrofano was particularly good in the Comedy Network comedy “Jeff Ltd.” as a French model. In the children’s program “Baxter,” she played a teacher. Scrofano has starred in numerous more critically acclaimed productions. Many fans were in awe of her outstanding portrayal as Mrs. McMurray on the Crave comedy series “Letterkenny.” In Syfy’s contemporary Western drama “Wynonna Earp,” Scrofano played the main role. From 2016 to 2021, she performed in this capacity.

Personal Life

Scrofano and her spouse, Pentecost, currently reside in Canada. After getting hitched on July 14, 2006, they now have two adorable kids. She gave birth to a boy in April 2017. The details of her pregnancy were made public in a “Variety” piece from July 2017. Throughout the time she spent filming “Wynonna Earp’s” second season, she was pregnant. Shortly after the season’s production concluded, her son was born.

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Melanie Scrofano Biography: Net Worth and Height


Melanie Neige Scrofano

Date of BirthDecember 20, 1981
Zodiac signSagittarius
Height7′ 3″
Relationship StatusMarried
Net Worth$20 million
Social MediaInstagram

The reasons we adore her

She is an excellent actress.

Long-term acting is hard, but Scorfano has been doing it steadily for nearly two decades. Her flexibility and strong work ethic have proven to be essential components of her success. The multi-talented actress began her acting career in 2002 and has since acted in many roles. She has a certain presence that is felt whenever she is in front of the camera.

She is in favor of the BLM movement.

In response to the recent global demonstrations against police brutality, several celebrities have voiced their opinions. To show her support for the Black Lives Matter movement and to let others know what they can do to aid, Scrofano has recently published content on social media.

She loves her family very much.

Some people think it’s difficult for a woman to have a happy and healthy home life and a great career at the same time. Scrofano demonstrates that having both is feasible, although it’s not always simple. She is a proud mother of two children and a faithful wife.

5 facts About Her

She appeared in publications.

Scrofano was a model who appeared in several magazines all over the world.

In “Cosmopolitan,” she was

Scrofano was highlighted in two different eight-page editorials in the magazine “Cosmopolitan.”

She speaks three languages.

Scrofano speaks Italian, French, and English with ease.

Her two sons are

Harry and Teddy are the names of Scrofano’s two sons.

Starbucks employed her.

When Scrofano initially relocated to Toronto in 2006, she was employed at Starbucks.

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