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Delhi University to launch CES in 2023 for UG and PG courses | Education

DU Admission 2022: Delhi University has about 70 thousand seats for graduation, but on Saturday, the number of people applying in DU crossed 1 lakh. It is to be known that from September 12, DU had started the first phase application process. After the declaration of CUET result on 15th September, the number of applicants is increasing in DU. After 5 pm on Saturday, the number of students enrolled in DU increased to 110622. On Friday, the number of applicants was around 93 thousand. It is to be known that more than 6 lakh applicants had opted for DU among the applicants of CUET.

Delhi University has made it clear that whenever students choose subjects and colleges for admission, they should give preference to as many courses and colleges as possible. Often students prefer four or five major courses or colleges, so they cannot take admission in other courses or colleges even though they are eligible because they have not opted for it. DU’s Dean Admission Prof. Haneet Gandhi says that a student does not know what the combination of the subject of another student is. Therefore, he should choose as many courses and colleges as possible in the order of preference. After this there will be auto allocation of courses of the students. From September 26, the second phase of the common seat allocation window will open here.

Fill the form with restraint and attention, no chance for modification

The first phase has just started for DU’s enrollment form, but many candidates have shared the matter of filling the wrong application with DU. Dean Admission says that we appeal to the students to fill the application form with patience and care. No modification is possible in name, photo and signature.

Only what the candidate has filled in the CUET application will be considered. Apart from this, the candidate’s father’s name, address, date of birth etc. are also important and after filling each section, we request the students to read it once again to see if they have made a mistake in it. Therefore, the candidates are requested to get the form checked by their parents as well. Because the chances of revision are very less. Sufficient time has been given to the students to fill the form, so they should not wait for the last date and fill the form correctly.

Important points regarding admission:

DU will take admission on the basis of merit made on the basis of normal marks and not percentile in the result of CUET.

Percentile will not be added in the order of making merit.
For example, if a student has English, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, then for admission in DU, this student is eligible for Science subjects as well as Art subjects like History Honors, Political Science Honors etc.

DU will soon release the second phase of the admission process for the students for colleges and courses. For this, students have to carefully fill the subjects and colleges of their choice.