By | 02 Dec 2022 at 5:46 PM
IIT Guwahati Placements 2022: 168 offers on the first day, with a top salary of Rs 2.4 crore

The Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, began campus placements today. On day one, 46 companies made a total of 168 offers, two of which were international.

The highest international offer was Rs. 2.4 crores, while the highest domestic offer was Rs. 1.1 crores.

Job offers were made in a variety of engineering fields, including Software Development, Data Science, Quant, Core Engineer, UX Designer, VLSI, Vehicle Engineering, Analyst, and Product Designer.

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The first phase of placements is expected to last until December 15. A total of 1269 students from various fields of study have registered for placements. There will be a total of 264 companies recruiting for 470 positions. There have been 78 start-ups registered for recruitment, as well as five public sector undertakings.

During the academic year 2022-23, students at the institute received 218 pre-placement offers (PPOs), the most in the last four years. The majority of the job offers were for Core Engineering, IT, Finance, and Analyst positions.

Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Google, Uber, Qualcomm, C-DOT, Enphase Energy, Oracle, Nutanix, Thoughtspot MTS-2, Squarepoint SDE/Quant, American Express, JP Morgan Chase, Bajaj, Rippling, Tibra, Cohesity, and Sprinklr Platform + Product were among the top recruiters on day one.