By | 02 Dec 2022 at 5:52 PM
IIT Roorkee faculty members feature in Women in Stem compendium released by CII

The Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, began campus recruitment for the academic year 2022-23 today. A total of 365 offers were made, including pre-placement offers (PPOs). Six international bids were received.

The highest overall offer was Rs 1.30 crore. The highest international bid was Rs 1.06 crore. Ten students received offers totaling Rs 80 lakh.

A total of 31 businesses attended the placements. The companies were as follows: AppDynamics, Bajaj Auto, BCG, Cairn Oil and Gas, Da Vinci Derivatives, Flipkart, Graviton, Hilabs, Infurnia, Intel Technologies, JP Morgan Quant, Maverick Derivatives, Microsoft, NHA, NK Securities, Nvidia, ONGC, Oracle, Plutus Research Pvt Ltd, Qualcomm, QuantBox, SAP Labs, Schlumberger, Sp

Campus placements at IIT Madras and IIT Guwahati began today as well.

IIT Guwahati Placements 2022: 168 offers on the first day, with a top salary of Rs 2.4 crore (

IIT Madras Placement 2022: These 25 students got an offer of 1 crore salary package annually