By | 23 Feb 2023 at 10:36 PM
Things to Highlight in Your Cover Letter

It is no secret that the pandemic has changed the course of history. Now, many employers are open to giving jobs to potential hires in a remote fashion. This ability to work for a company from anywhere in the world has expanded the job opportunities available to people. And this expansion of job opportunities has meant that more individuals are finding themselves in the middle of recruitment processes. Alongside this, this increased acceptance of remote work culture has also meant that employers are gauging people on different criteria than before. For example, the ability to communicate concisely, promptly, and comprehensively over messaging apps is now much more sought-after than before. 

This growth in the number of job applicants and the changes in the evaluation of criteria of hiring managers has meant that there is room for more information to be put together on how to ace your job applications. And we will be doing exactly that. In this article, we will be telling you about what points to make in what way in order to make a compelling case in your cover letter – one of the most important application submissions for most job opportunities posted. But before we go any further, let us stress something which is essential to the job application process, including the writing of cover letters.

A Significant Diversion

Bear in mind, however, that you will need a top-notch internet connection to research for, proofread, and, finally, submit the letter. As a person who is applying for jobs alongside holding their current one and managing all their daily tasks, you need to utilize your time efficiently. For this reason, it is extremely important to grab hold of an internet connection that provides consistently fast service. One option you have is to go for Comcast Internet; it is known for ensuring exactly such a service. 

How to Make a Compelling Case in Your Cover Letter

Now that we have ensured that you have the right infrastructure to apply for jobs, let us proceed to what we had promised in the topic of this article – certain pointers to create a good cover letter. You essentially have to focus on three aspects to show the employer that you are the right fit for the job – personality, experiences, and skills.


The first paragraph of the body of your cover letter should consist of the experiences you have gained professionally that are relevant to the job. Bear in mind that your entire profile is in fact easily available to recruiters when you are reviewing your resume. The employer does not want to see a simple repeat of your resume. That is why it is paramount to only highlight those experiences that will help you perform the tasks mentioned in the job description. Alongside this, emphasize how the insights gained from those experiences will help you perform well on the job. Try to go in order when it comes to experiences. This order can either be reverse chronological or chronological. In case what you are doing in your current job is similar to what you will be doing in the job you are applying for, it is best to take the reverse chronological approach as it highlights your current experience more.


Now, coming to the skills you have that relate to the job. Depending on the job you are applying for, highlight all the relevant skills you have with it. Now, be smart about it. Even in  case you do not have C++ coding hacks on the tips of your fingers, you must have other skills. For example,  if you are used to interacting with a lot of people, you can say you are a master of interpersonal and oral communication skills. 


Highlighting your personality in your cover letter is important as it gives insights to your employer about how well you will fit into their company and the role you are applying for. If it is a progressive organization you are applying for, you may be better off portraying yourself as a liberal. In a similar fashion, in case you are going for a role that entails interaction with a wide range of people, saying that you are an extrovert may be beneficial. Now, we are not advocating for you to lie. After all, your aim is to get hired and if you get hired, the hiring manager is eventually going to find out about your lies about your personality as you will be interacting with them every single day. What we are advocating, however, is highlighting the aspects of your personality that fit the hiring organization’s culture and the role you are going for best.


We hope this article has helped you write a killer cover letter and that you end up with the opportunity of your dreams.