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Top 5 Biotechnology Colleges in Bangalore: Biotechnology is the union between biology and technology. Biotechnology investigates the genetic manipulation of biological organisms to produce antibiotics, hormones, etc. And Bangalore is known for its prestigious and world-class employment. Thus, there are a multitude of biotechnology jobs available in Bangalore, as well as vast career opportunities.

In addition, Biotechnology is a 4-year programme that can be pursued after completing the 12th grade in the science discipline with Biology from a recognised board or its equivalent. Biotechnology is an innovative branch of science that is popular with young people and encompasses a vast area of study.

Intriguingly, Biotechnology jobs in Bangalore for recent graduates offer excellent pay and benefits. Biotechnology students can rest assured that they will find well-paying employment. With the rise of pandemics and fatal diseases in the future years, it will become a survival tool. Consequently, Biotechnology plays an important function.

The top five Biotechnology institutions in Bangalore are:

1) M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

Visvesvaraya Technology University is associated with M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology. It provides quality education and is ISO-accredited and an ISTE member.

Moreover, this institution was founded in 1962. It provides BSc Honours and MSc degrees in Biotechnology. A three-year, undergraduate degree costs 4.20 lakhs INR.

2) Bangalore College

Bangalore University is a 1964 establishment of the government. Bangalore University is affiliated with over 600 colleges and universities. It is recognised by UGC and accredited with an A by NAAC.

It offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, and Biochemistry, among others. Through the college’s campus recruitment efforts, new graduates can obtain biotechnology jobs in Bangalore. Lastly, the cost of a 2-year course at this institution is INR 37,640.

3) University of PES

PES University is a private institution that offers B.Tech degrees in biotechnology. The programme is four years long. PES is a university recognised by the UGC and a NAAC A-rated educational institution.

The biotechnology department offers specialisations such as Medical and environmental Biotechnology, process engineering, and Computational Biology, among others.

4) Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

Shri R. Dayananda Sagar founded Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering in 1997, which is affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University.

Bangalore’s most renowned private institution for biotechnology courses. The DSCE college offers biotechnology courses at both the Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science levels. The cost of college tuition is Rs. 3,488,000 for a Bachelor of Science and Rs. 2,248,000 for a Master of Science.

5) Christ’s College

Christ Deemed to Be University’s Biotechnology programme is well-known. It offers both B.S. and M.S. degrees in biotech. College is UGC-registered and NACC-accredited with an A grade. Three-year tuition for biotechnology at Christ University is approximately 3 lakhs.

Top 5 Colleges for Biotech: Eligibility Criteria, Jobs, Roles, Companies (

Qualifications for obtaining biotechnology employment in Bangalore

The eligibility requirements for biotechnology entry-level jobs in Bangalore vary based on job responsibilities and employer requirements. To be hired by a company, a candidate must possess a minimum set of qualifications and skills.

To be eligible for biotechnology jobs in Bangalore, you must have earned a minimum of 45% in class 12 examinations. Additionally, biology as a required fundamental subject from the authorised Board.

Then, comprehend the Biotechnology course and specialisations within this field. Choose the curriculum and school of your choosing.

Later, you must graduate with at least a 60% average.

Also, concentrate on enhancing your proficiency in your major subject.

A postgraduate degree is not required for all biotechnology positions, but it is for a few reputable companies. In accordance with their requirements, postgraduate education is also required.

Prepare a unique resume and include information about your internship.

After graduation or after graduation, participate in interviews.

By passing all interview stages, you will be able to obtain MSc biotechnology position in Bangalore.

If you have postgraduate education, you may have an advantage over others.

Bangalore jobs in biotechnology that pay well

Biotechnology is a swiftly expanding field; here is a list of well-paying jobs for MSc biotechnology graduates in Bangalore.

  • Research Partner
  • Competent Microbiologist
  • President and Chief executive officer
  • Research partner
  • combined study
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Scientist in Research
  • Epidemiologist
  • Clinical research analyst
  • Biostatistician

How do I apply for employment in biotechnology in Bengaluru?

Bangalore is constantly hiring for biotechnology-related positions. Simply conduct the necessary research and submit for the position.

After achieving a minimum grade point average in class 12, look for a reputable Biotechnology institution.

Before enrolling, it is also essential to learn about the course.

Next, you must graduate with at least a 60% average.

You can either pursue further education or qualify for a job with a high school diploma.

The application process involves a few straightforward stages.

Prepare a formal resume and include your skills and internship experience.

Before attending an interview, it is important to familiarise yourself with the job description and the organisation.

After passing all levels of the interview, you’ll be eligible for the best biotechnology jobs in Bengaluru.


I trust this article contributes to your understanding of biotechnology jobs in Bangalore. It is prudent to pursue a career in biotechnology due to the variety of employment opportunities. The employment outlook may improve in the immediate future because this is a new and developing industry.

The preponderance of topics covered in a B.Sc. biotechnology honours course are related to biotechnology. If you choose to major in B.Tech biotechnology, however, you will be exposed to a variety of engineering disciplines. However, this does not imply that a Bachelor of Science in biotechnology is less valuable than other degrees.