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Top Biotechnology Colleges in Mumbai: Today, even microorganisms, microbes, and living cells are used in industrial processes due to the advancement of science. These are used for scientific purposes in the creation and development of new devices, tools, and antidotes for various diseases. Consequently, the market’s high demand increases the number of biotechnology jobs in Mumbai. Biotechnology is the branch of science that deals with similar topics.

This stream represents the combination of Biology and technology. There is a great demand for competent biotechnologists with extensive experience in the field. In Mumbai, numerous colleges and institutions offer biotechnology courses and programmes. As a result, the following is a list of the best colleges in Mumbai that can assist you in obtaining the best biotech jobs in Mumbai.

Top Biotechnology Colleges in Mumbai

1) The Mithibai College

Mithibai College, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, was founded in 1961. The institution possesses UGC certification and ACITE accreditation. Additionally, Mumbai University grants the college’s affiliation.

Biotechnology is offered as an undergraduate and graduate concentration at the college. The first-year fees for M.Sc. and B.Sc. are INR 50,000 and INR 35,000, respectively.

2) Ramnarain Ruia Independent School (RRAC)

RRAC is accredited by UGC and is a private institution. This institution is believed to have been founded by Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali. In addition, the institution possesses an A-grade certificate from NAAC.

Biotechnology can also be pursued by enrolling in B.Sc. or M.Sc. programmes. M.Sc. tuition is INR 37,295, while B.Sc. tuition is approximately INR 7,450 for the first year. These courses prepare students to become more effective employees, thereby increasing their chances of obtaining higher biotechnology jobs in Mumbai.

3) Jai Hind College

The Week ranks JHC twenty-fifth based on their 2020 statistics. In 1948, as a public institution, the college admitted its first class. They offer a total of 15 undergraduate courses and 5 graduate courses.

In the meantime, for biotechnology jobs in Mumbai, you should enrol in B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes. The tuition for the first year of B.Sc. and M.Sc. is approximately 6,130 INR and 13,602 INR, respectively.

4) The Kishinchand Chellaram (KC) College

As of 2021, KC College is regarded as the 28th best Biotechnology college in India overall. The institution is a public college that received an A from the NAAC.

In addition, B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes offer the biotechnology track for INR 10,735 and INR 50,920 for the first year, respectively. In addition, the course emphasises experiential learning and is based on industry benchmarks. Thus, supplying students with an education of the highest calibre so they can obtain biotech jobs in Mumbai.

5) Maharashtra University

The state university of Mumbai was founded in 1857 and has received numerous certifications and awards for its outstanding performance. The university holds the 95th position on the NIRF All India ranking.

This college’s M.Sc in biotechnology has earned a ‘A’ from the NAAC and can be pursued with a ‘A’ grade. The tuition for the first year of the programme begins at INR 11,325.

Qualifications for Mumbai Biotechnology Jobs

Biotechnology positions are in high demand but require certain credentials and certifications in addition to work experience. The majority of biotechnology roles in Mumbai require the following essential documentation.

  • First, you must possess at least a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. This is the minimum qualification a candidate must meet.
  • Experience is likely the second most essential factor that is irreplaceable by any course.
  • Ensure that you enrol in an internship during the final year of your Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology.
  • The internship will give you an understanding of the ground reality and can serve as practical training. The majority of these opportunities are unpaid, but the value they will add to your professional career is something you should seek out.
  • Lastly, if you desire a higher salary or title in the early stages of your career, you should pursue a master’s degree in the same subjects.
  • It has been observed that companies prefer candidates with greater education and experience for higher positions.
  • In addition, it will give you an added advantage when applying for biotechnology jobs in Mumbai.

Top Biotechnology Positions in Mumbai

The majority of biotechnology jobs involve microorganisms, microbes, and other organisms. These are examined and analysed for the purpose of conducting research, developing a drug, or creating a tool or machine to assist other industries.

In addition, these industries may include the healthcare industry, the food industry, the chemical industry, and a variety of ancillary enterprises. Therefore, let’s examine the leading Biotechnology positions in Mumbai.

  • Biotechnology Technician
  • Zoologist
  • Epidemiologists
  • Microbiologist Agricultural and food scientist
  • Genetic consultant
  • Medical Scientist
  • Engineer in Biomedical Sciences
  • Biochemists and a host of others

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How do I apply for employment in biotechnology in Mumbai?

To obtain the top biotech jobs in Mumbai, you must follow certain steps to successfully register for the interview. Regardless of whether you are applying for on-campus placements or a regular placement, you must follow the steps below.

Attempt to identify the ideal position for you. Any position that is undervalued or overvalued may cause future complications.
Therefore, it is always preferable to obtain employment with a company that values its employees.
Once you’ve discovered the ideal position, examine the required paperwork. If even one of them is missing, you should make arrangements for it.
After completing the list of required documents, schedule an interview with HR or other interviewing personnel.
Be confident about your appearance and attire during an offline interview. Be confident and review all possible questions that could be asked.

These measures will undoubtedly increase the likelihood of selection for biotechnology jobs in Mumbai.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the most important facts you should be aware of. Indeed, biotechnology is an extensive field that offers a variety of biotechnology jobs in Mumbai.

Some professionals initially find the job responsibilities a bit difficult to manage. In biotech roles in Mumbai, the designation becomes more prestigious and pays more as one advances.