By |10 Sep 2023 at 12:40 AM
Women's College NCC Unit Raises Awareness with Nukkad Natak

Raises Awareness with Nukkad Natak:The NCC unit of Women’s College at Aligarh Muslim University organised a special mega Puneet Sagar event to address the urgent issue of plastic pollution as the nation celebrated the G-20 summit. The dedicated NCC cadets took to the streets with a potent Nukkad Natak in an effort to educate the public about the dire consequences of plastic pollution on our planet and all of its inhabitants, despite the heavy rain.

Through their performance, the cadets conveyed an important message: substituting plastic items with eco-friendly alternatives such as paper and fabric can assist in combating the pervasive problem of plastic contamination. They communicated the importance of environmental stewardship.

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NCC Unit Raises Awareness with Nukkad Natak

Professor Naima Khatoon, the principal of Women’s College, oversaw the event and educated students about the grave and impending dangers of plastic pollution, thereby substantially enhancing the initiative’s impact.

Dr. Nazia Khan, the Associate NCC Officer (ANO) of the NCC Unit at Women’s College, supervised the organisation of the Nukkad Natak. During the G-20 summit, the event served as a contribution to the larger mission of raising environmental awareness.