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Forever Love 2023

Forever Love 2023: Recent years have witnessed a meteoric rise in the popularity of Chinese dramas. The production values of these dramas have vastly improved, with captivating images, elaborate costumes, and captivating settings that meet or surpass international standards.

Forever Love, Chinese drama 2023 Cast

Historical epics, modern romances, and suspenseful criminal dramas are just a few of the genres offered by Chinese productions, which cater to a wide variety of viewer tastes. Nonetheless, the romance genre in particular experienced tremendous growth across the globe.

“Forever Love” is one of the most renowned Chinese romance dramas of recent years. This captivating series focuses on the romance between an affluent heiress and her attractive bodyguard. A 30-episode television series that debuted on August 31, 2023, wowed viewers with its incredible acting.

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Many individuals are attempting to learn more about the cast as a result. Therefore, here is what we know:

Dai Gao Zheng (Zhou Mo/Sheng Mo Yao)

Sheng Mo Yao, the dashing bodyguard of Tong Tong, is portrayed by a rising figure in the Chinese drama industry, Dai Gao Zheng. His personality evolves as the story progresses; he was initially accused of murdering her father. A 27-year-old actor is also renowned for his recent performance in “Be Your Own Light.”

Chen Fan Tong (Lin Xin Tong/Tong Tong)

She was a Chinese politician. Chen Fan Tong’s portrayal of Lin Xin Tong, also known as Tong Tong, is exemplary. The audience for the drama has fallen in love with her and Dai Gao Zheng’s on-screen intimacy. Chen Fan Tong, who is 30 years old, has already demonstrated her acting ability in a diversity of Chinese dramas.

Hou Dong (Chi Shan)

Hou Dong portrays Chi Shan, the fiancé of Tong Tong, who lies to her in order to acquire control of her family’s wealth. He has appeared in recent dramas, such as “Sweet and Cold” and “Love at First Sight,” and is 27 years old.

Ma Xin Yu (Xia Yu Wei)

The Chinese actress Ma Xin Yu brings Xia Yu Wei, Tong Tong’s closest friend, to life. In the drama, she becomes romantically involved with Tong Tong’s fiance, thereby adding plot complications. At age 27, she began her acting career in 2019.

Hu Xi Fan (Zhou Mo)

Zhou Mo, Sheng Mo Yao’s closest friend, is portrayed by renowned Chinese actor Hu Xi Fan, who is best known for his supporting roles. Most recently, a 34-year-old actor appeared in “Fireworks of My Heart.”