By |25 May 2023 at 1:26 PM
Tamil Nadu Plus One, SSLC Result 2023

On Thursday, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) announced the std XII Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination results, with an aggregate state passing rate of 91.25 percent. Compared to the previous year, the passing rate dropped by 3.03 percent. In 2022, the clearance rate for the state was 94.2%.

The written offline examination was administered based on 100 percent of the curriculum after the pandemic.

This year, females continue to outperform boys with a passing rate of 94.73 percent compared to 89.14 percent for boys in the state. The division with the highest passing rate was Konkan with 96.01 percent, followed by Pune with 93.34 percent, and Mumbai with the lowest rate of 88.13 percent. This year, the passing rate for physically challenged pupils was — percent.

Students enrolled in Arts, Science, and Commerce and Higher Secondary Vocational Courses (HSVC) numbered 14,16,371. This exam was passed by 1293468 pupils from nine divisions in the state.

On the other hand, a total of 35,879 repeating students registered for the HSC examination this year, of which 1,5775 passed. In the state, 44.33 percent of repeating pupils were successful.

The HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) data by year reveals the passing rate of pupils over the past five years. In 2023, the percentage of students who passed the exam was 91.25 percent, whereas in 2022, the percentage was higher at 94.22%. In 2021, the clearance percentage was 99.63 percent, while in 2020 it was 90.66 percent. In 2019, the passing rate was 85.88%, representing a modest decline compared to previous years. In 2018, the percentage of students who passed was 88.41%.

The results of the Higher Secondary Certificate (Class 12th) Examination conducted in February-March 2023 will be posted online on May 25, 2023 at 2:00 PM. If students or parents encounter difficulties viewing the result online, they should call the following numbers: 020-25705209, 020-25705203, 020-25705204, 020-25705206, 020-25705207, and 020-25705151.